Fonds F 1405

Multicultural History Society of Ontario fonds

About these records

Multicultural History Society of Ontario fonds
Dates of Creation
[ca. 1890]-1989
Physical Description

ca. 170 metres of textual records

1446 reels of microfilm (textual records)

ca. 84,000 photographs

11 film reels

61 videocassettes

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of records collected by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.

The first 53 series are comprised of photographs. Each series represents a different ethnic group and each sub-series a different donor or subject based collection. The remainder of the fonds (Series 54 to 85) is made up of textual materials, with each series also arranged by ethnic group, each group representing a series.

Photographs in the fonds include original prints, copy and contact prints, photocopies, slides, original and copy negatives. The photographs depict people, activities and events representing fifty-three ethnic and cultural groups within Ontario, from the late nineteenth century to 1980. Subjects include portraits of individuals, employment activities, religious activities, entertainment and organizations.

The fonds includes textual records of individuals and organizations, arranged according to ethnic or cultural group. This material consists of correspondence, diaries, newspapers, organisational files, certificates and ephemera pertaining to nationalist, religious, political, and social activities of individuals and organizations of the various ethnic groups.

Fonds also includes a small amount of motion picture film and video.

Ethnic groups represented in the fonds are arranged under the following series headings: Americans, Armenians, Austrians, Belgians, Blacks, Bulgarians, Byelorussians, Chinese, Croatians, Czechs, Danish, Dutch, Estonians, Filipinos, Finnish, Franco-Ontarians, Germans, Greeks, Hungarians, Islamic, Italians, Japanese, Jewish, Koreans, Latvians, Lebanese, Lithuanians, Macedonians, Maltese, Melkite, Mennonite, Miscellaneous, Native Peoples, Norwegians, Pakistani, Polish, Portuguese, Romanians, Russians, Scandinavians, Scottish, Sephardic, Serbians, Slovaks, Slovenians, Spanish, Sri Lankans, Swedish, Swiss, Turkish, Ukrainians, Vietnamese, and Welsh.

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Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

The Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO) is a not-for-profit educational institution which collects, describes and maintains material related to the ethnic and cultural development of Ontario.

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Multicultural History Society of Ontario

Restrictions on Access
Some access restrictions apply for photographic portion of fonds. Consult sub-series descriptions for details.
Terms For Use and Reproduction
Copyright held by creator. These materials cannot be published without permission of the copyright holder. See sub-series descriptions for copyright statements.
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Material has been acquired by the Archives of Ontario from the MHSO through a series of transfers between 1982 and 1993.
Availability of Other Formats

Fonds includes 1446 reels of microfilm arranged according to ethnic group. Please consult series level descriptions for details. Microfilm is shelved in the Reading Room according to an "MFN" number series.

Some of the photographs from this fonds are available in digital format in the Archives of Ontario Visual Database. Consult the series level descriptions for more information.
Former Codes

Accession numbers 14955, 15203, 21210, 25983

Finding Aid
Inventories, based mainly on ethnic group, have been created for various portions of this fonds. Descriptions of photographic series and sub-series are available in the Archives Descriptive Database. Refer to individual sub-series for the availability of online lists. Textual records have several inventories based on ethnic group, and an overall appended index.

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Online Images

Digital images of all or some of these records are available for online research in the Visual Database.

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Records series that make up this fonds

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Reference Code Series Title
F 1405-1 American Canadian photographs
F 1405-2 Armenian Canadian photographs
F 1405-3 Austrian Canadian photographs
F 1405-4 Belgian Canadian photographs
F 1405-5 Black Canadian photographs
F 1405-6 Bulgarian Canadian photographs
F 1405-7 Byelorussian Canadian photographs
F 1405-8 Chinese Canadian photographs
F 1405-9 Croatian Canadian photographs
F 1405-10 Czech Canadian photographs
F 1405-11 Danish Canadian photographs
F 1405-12 Dutch Canadian photographs
F 1405-13 Estonian Canadian photographs
F 1405-14 Filipino Canadian photographs
F 1405-15 Finnish Canadian photographs
F 1405-16 Franco-Ontarian photographs
F 1405-17 German Canadian photographs
F 1405-18 Greek Canadian photographs
F 1405-19 Hungarian Canadian photographs
F 1405-20 Islamic Canadian photographs
F 1405-21 Italian Canadian photographs
F 1405-22 Japanese Canadian photographs
F 1405-23 Jewish Canadian photographs
F 1405-24 Korean Canadian photographs
F 1405-25 Latvian Canadian photographs
F 1405-26 Lebanese Canadian photographs
F 1405-27 Macedonian Canadian photographs
F 1405-28 Maltese Canadian photographs
F 1405-29 Melkite Canadian photographs
F 1405-30 Mennonite Canadian photographs
F 1405-31 Miscellaneous multicultural photographs
F 1405-32 First Nations Canadians photographs
F 1405-33 Norwegian Canadian photographs
F 1405-34 Pakistani Canadian photographs
F 1405-35 Polish Canadian photographs
F 1405-36 Portuguese Canadian photographs
F 1405-37 Romanian Canadian photographs
F 1405-38 Russian Canadian photographs
F 1405-39 Scandinavian Canadian photographs
F 1405-40 Scottish Canadian photographs
F 1405-41 Sephardic Canadian photographs
F 1405-42 Serbian Canadian photographs
F 1405-43 Slovak Canadian photographs
F 1405-44 Slovenian Canadian photographs
F 1405-45 Spanish Canadian photographs
F 1405-46 Sri Lankan Canadian photographs
F 1405-47 Swedish Canadian photographs
F 1405-48 Swiss Canadian photographs
F 1405-49 Turkish Canadian photographs
F 1405-50 Ukrainian Canadian photographs
F 1405-51 Vietnamese Canadian photographs
F 1405-52 Welsh Canadian photographs and paintings
F 1405-53 Lithuanian Canadian photographs
F 1405-54 Polish Canadian textual records
F 1405-55 Lithuanian Canadian textual records
F 1405-56 Ukrainian Canadian textual records
F 1405-57 Latvian Canadian textual records
F 1405-58 Dutch Canadian textual records
F 1405-59 Belgian Canadian textual records
F 1405-60 German Canadian textual records
F 1405-61 Delhi Tobacco Belt Project textual records
F 1405-62 Finnish Canadian textual records
F 1405-63 Armenian Canadian textual records
F 1405-64 Byelorussian Canadian textual records
F 1405-65 Yugoslav Canadian textual records
F 1405-66 Croatian Canadian textual records
F 1405-67 Czech Canadian records
F 1405-68 Estonian Canadian textual records
F 1405-69 Hungarian Canadian textual records
F 1405-70 Macedonian Canadian textual records
F 1405-71 Romanian Canadian textual records
F 1405-72 Russian Canadian textual records
F 1405-73 Serbian Canadian textual records
F 1405-74 Slovak Canadian textual records
F 1405-75 Slovenian Canadian textual records
F 1405-76 Danish Canadian textual records
F 1405-77 Scandinavian Canadian textual records
F 1405-78 Swedish Canadian textual records
F 1405-79 Icelandic Canadian textual records
F 1405-80 Austrian Canadian textual records
F 1405-81 Swiss Canadian textual records
F 1405-82 Mennonite Canadian textual records
F 1405-83 Welsh Canadian textual records
F 1405-85 Jewish Canadian textual records
F 1405-86 Multicultural textual records
F 1405-87 Irish Canadian textual records
F 1405-88 Greek Canadian textual records
F 1405-89 Maltese Canadian textual records
F 1405-90 Italian Canadian textual records
F 1405-91 Spanish Canadian textual records
F 1405-92 Portuguese Canadian textual records
F 1405-93 Japanese Canadian textual records
F 1405-94 Chinese Canadian textual records