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Fonds C 43

E. J. Lennox fonds

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E. J. Lennox fonds
Dates of Creation
1860-1937, [ca. 1968]
Physical Description

93 centimetres of textual records

794 architectural drawings

9 volumes of textual records

3 photographs

3 maps

Scope and Content

Fonds consists primarily of architectural drawings by E.J. Lennox, detailing many projects in the Toronto area, and a few outside of the city. It also contains a small amount of textual material pertaining to his professional career, and publications.

Toronto area buildings represented in the holdings by architectural plans include the Parliament Buildings, Old City Hall, the King Edward Hotel, the Toronto Western Hospital, the Toronto Hospital for Incurables, the Excelsior Life Assurance Co. at 59 Victoria Street and 20 Toronto St., the Toronto Electric Light Co. warehouse and office building on Lake St., the Russell Motor Car Company factory and office building on Weston Rd., the Dominion Radiator Co. Foundry at Queen and Dufferin Sts., the Toronto Foundry Co. foundry on Liberty St., various St. Paul's Church buildings and Casa Loma. Buildings outside Toronto include: the Powerhouse for the Electrical Development Company and the Toronto and Niagara Power Company Substation, both in Niagara Falls; a warehouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and a boat house and hotel in Muskoka.

Full drawing suites for many of the projects have not survived in the fonds. Some series contain only fragmentary working drawings or depictions of design elements from a certain period of the work.

Textual materials relating to Lennox's work consist primarily of specifications for his building projects outlining the agreed statements of requirement with respect to materials to be provided and labour to be performed. They detail all materials to be used in construction including elements such as plumbing, wiring, etc. They also detail the required plastering, painting, masonry, carpentry, glazing, and steelworking that need to be done. Buildings for which specifications exist include St. Paul's Church on Bloor St. E., the Hospital for Incurables on Dunn St., Postal Station "G", the E.J. Lennox residence at the corner of Walmer and Davenport Roads, the west wing of the Ontario Parliament Buildings, 10-20 Waterloo Avenue, the Maurice Cody Memorial Hall of St. Paul's Church, Municipal and county buildings for the City of Toronto and the County of York, in addition to the Excelsior Life Insurance Company, and the Western Hospital.

Lennox's office had a practice of annotating and altering previous specifications for new projects having similar construction. This production of two records within one document is apparent by the alteration of the date. It is often not certain which alterations are for what project, and whether the earlier original or later alteration is the final copy. A better copy of the former may be in the specifications for a later project. Specifications also have wrappers with names of local contractors, building materials manufacturers and suppliers.

Other textual records include a small amount of correspondence and reports pertaining to the Lennox family's involvement in the Eastern Manitoba Lands Corporation and the Otter Lake Mining Syndicate, (1905-1937); tenders, receipts and invoices for a few projects that were sent to E.J. Lennox & Son Architects between 1925 and 1935; and Lennox's drawings registers and a cash book (1889-1924).

Published works that have been retained with the fonds consist of a few annotated architectural publications, including catalogues, style books, and technical manuals.

Fonds has been arranged into 107 series based on project.

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Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

Edward James Lennox (1854-1933) was a Toronto, Ontario-based architect active between 1876 and 1916.

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E.J. Lennox & Son, Architects

Restrictions on Access
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Terms For Use and Reproduction
Copyright in the architectural drawings created before 1925 has expired. For most series dating after 1925, copyright is held by the creator until 2020. See individual series descriptions for more information.
Custodial History

The architectural drawings in this fonds were found by Victor Petrozzi while he was working on a house on Austin Terrace in Toronto, where apparently the Lennoxes had lived. He loaned the drawings to the Archives of Ontario in 1967. When Mr. Petrozzi died, ownership of the records passed to his wife. These records were then purchased by the Ontario Heritage Foundation on behalf of the Archives of Ontario. In 1987 the Ontario Heritage Foundation passed ownership of the drawings to the Archives of Ontario.

The textual records in this fonds were originally in the custody of E. J. Lennox's granddaughter Mrs. Mary Gooderham. However, they were collected into a group by Alice Alison who deposited them with the Municipal Reference Library in Toronto over several years. Mrs. Alison was an architectural student researching E.J. Lennox. The records fell into the custody of the organization "Friends of the Old City Hall", whose purpose was to prevent the proposed destruction of the Old City Hall in the early 1970s. In 1975 the fonds was placed in the custody of the City of Toronto Archives while a decision was made as to where they should ultimately reside. The records were then transferred to the Archives of Ontario on May 6, 1976.

Associated Material

Other records associated with E. J. Lennox's work are available at the City of Toronto Archives (SC48).


The full scope of Lennox's production of over 70,000 drawing sheets may be seen from the content of the Registers of Drawings (series C 43-95). Lennox often made red line references to other sheet numbers that depicted details of areas on the drawings.

In 1999 the Archives of Ontario transferred most of the published materials donated from E.J. Lennox's library to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto).

Former Codes

Parts of C 43 were formerly Accession 11239, Accession 21011 and F 2116.

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Records series that make up this fonds

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Reference Code Series Title
C 43-1 Drawings of H. E. Clarke residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-2 Specifications for Chester A. Massey residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-3 Specifications for J. Lailey residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-4 Drawings of Bloor St. Baptist Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-5 Specifications for warehouse buildings for Alexander Manning (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-6 Specifications for Manning Arcade (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-7 Specifications for Lewis Lukes residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-8 Drawings of new city and county buildings (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-9 Specifications for R. & T. Watson warehouse (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-10 Specifications for Freehold Loan and Savings headquarters (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-11 Drawings of school house : School Section No. 12 (Mimico, Ont.)
C 43-12 Specifications for Alexander Manning warehouse (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-13 Drawings of Toronto Steel Clad Bath and Metal factory (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-14 Drawings of W. R. Johnston residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-15 Specifications for Alexander Manning office building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-16 Drawings of Dominion Radiator Company foundry (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-17 Drawings of House of Industry (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-18 Drawings of Joseph Wright residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-19 Specifications for Manning Chambers (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-20 Specifications for R. Watson store (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-21 Drawings of McConkey's Restaurant (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-23 Drawings of a residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-24 Drawings of unidentified monument (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-25 Drawings of E.J. Lennox properties (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-26 Drawings of J. B. Ryan, Esq. residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-27 Drawings of H. Munro, Esq., residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-28 Drawings of J. Wright building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-29 Drawings of Toronto Foundry Company foundry and warehouse (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-30 Drawings of offices of E. J. Lennox (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-31 Drawings of King Edward Hotel (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-32 Drawings of Home Life Company building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-33 Drawings of St. Paul's Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-34 Drawings of Robert Watson, Esq. residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-35 Drawings of George Clapperton residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-36 Drawings of a new building for Western Hospital (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-37 Drawings of J. R. Barber, Esq. residence (Georgetown, Ont.)
C 43-38 Drawings of office building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-39 Drawings of Toronto Western Hospital : infection building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-40 Drawings of Manufacturers' Life Insurance building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-41 Drawings of W. H. Gooderham fishing bungalow (Ont.)
C 43-42 Drawings of Molson's Bank (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-43 Drawings of F. H. Searle, Esq. residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-44 Drawings of Edward Leadlay residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-45 Drawings of houses for E. Michael (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-46 Specifications for Toronto Western Hospital : nurses' home (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-47 Drawings of G. H. Sparrow residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-48 Drawings of Fred Victor Mission (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-49 Drawings of substation for Toronto and Niagara Power Company (Niagara Falls, Ont.)
C 43-50 Drawings of Toronto Western Hospital : laundry building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-51 Drawings of Power House for Electrical Development Company (Niagara Falls, Ont.)
C 43-52 Drawings of division houses for Toronto and Niagara Power Company (Clarkson et al., Ont.)
C 43-53 Drawings of factory for R. Carroll (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-54 Drawings of Joseph Wright warehouse (Winnipeg, Man.)
C 43-55 Drawings of Bank of Toronto branch office (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-56 Drawing of substation for Toronto and Niagara Power Company (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-57 Drawings of Bank of Toronto branch office (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-58 Drawings of Messrs. Staunton Limited factory building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-59 Drawings of Aikenhead Hardware store (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-60 Specifications for Main Post Office and Station 'F' (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-61 Drawings of E. J. Lennox residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-62 Drawings of Sir Henry Pellatt residence: 'Casa Loma' (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-63 Specifications for hotel building (Mimico, Ont.)
C 43-64 Drawings of Excelsior Life Insurance Company office building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-65 Drawings of E. J. Lennox residence: 'Lenwil' (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-66 Drawings of C.E. Edmonds' residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-67 Drawings of Robert McCausland building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-68 Drawings of Provincial Parliament Buildings (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-69 Drawings of Toronto Western Hospital: new main building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-70 Drawings of John T. Hepburn Limited foundry and machine shop (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-71 Drawings of St. Paul's Anglican Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-72 Drawings of Toronto Electric Light Company: warehouse and office building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-73 Drawings of Rev. H.J. Cody residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-74 Specifications for Hobberlin Bros. premises (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-75 Drawing of E. R. Wood boathouse (Muskoka, Ont.)
C 43-76 Drawings of Russell Motor Car Company factory and office building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-77 Drawings of W.H. Gooderham residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-79 Drawings of a boathouse for Dr. G.W. Ryerson (Ont.)
C 43-80 Drawings of Postal Station 'G' (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-81 Drawings of Union Loan building: W.H. Gooderham premises (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-82 Drawings of McConkey's Restaurant (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-83 Specifications for a row of dwellings (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-84 Drawings of Excelsior Life building (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-85 Drawings of McConkey's restaurant (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-86 Drawings of Old Sunday School: St. Paul's Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-87 Drawings of Eby Blain Ltd. warehouse (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-88 Drawings of H.D. Eckhardt residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-89 Drawings of Y.S. Ryerson residence (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-90 Drawings of Old City Hall (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-91 Drawings of Long Estate (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-92 Drawings of summer cottage (Toronto Island, Ont.)
C 43-93 Drawings of Toronto City street plans (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-94 E. J. Lennox cash book
C 43-96 Published works and printed catalogues used by E. J. Lennox
C 43-97 Drawings of St. Simon the Apostle Anglican Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-99 Drawings of Toronto Western Hospital : additions (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-100 Drawings of Toronto Hospital for Incurables : nurses' home (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-101 Drawings of City Hall : proposed offices in courtyard (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-102 Drawings of Maurice Cody Memorial Hall, St. Paul's Church (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-103 Specifications for Breadin's Ltd. bakery (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-104 Drawings of hotel for L. E. Love: Elgin House (Lake Muskoka, Ont.)
C 43-105 Drawings of Queen's Own Rifles monument (Toronto, Ont.)
C 43-106 Miscellaneous drawings, designs and maps used by E. J. Lennox & Son
C 43-107 Drawings of unidentified buildings
C 43-108 Eastern Manitoba Lands Corporation files
C 43-109 Drawings of Toronto Hospital for Incurables : alterations and additions (Toronto, Ont.)