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Benson family fonds
Dates of Creation
ca. 1804-1991
Physical Description

4.01 metres of textual records

226 volumes of textual records

896 photographs

45 items of textual records : broadsides

66 maps

81 postcards

2 engravings

Scope and Content

Fonds consists primarily of the personal and business records of Thomas Benson and his descendants, principally his son, Thomas Moore Benson. It also includes papers of other family members.

Records of Thomas Benson include incoming personal and business correspondence, a letter book of outgoing correspondence, diaries, records of land acquired and sold, account books from his store in Port Hope and his mill in Peterborough, records relating to the Port Hope and Peterborough Railway, records accumulated by Benson as Paymaster of the 3rd. Battalion of Incorporated Militia, as well as records of Benson's estate.

Records of Thomas Moore Benson include incoming private and business correspondence, several letter books of outgoing correspondence, diaries, notes, examinations, certificates and correspondence relative to his training as a lawyer, and records pertaining to his law practice. Law practice records includes day books, journals recording payments, docket books, files relating to litigation and the settling of estates, and files relating to mortgages in the town of Omemee. Thomas Moore Benson's records also include appointments and commissions, records of land acquired and sold, subject files and scrapbooks, daily accounts, clippings and printed materials, and records relating to his retirement and his estate.

Records of Frederick Albert Benson include letterbooks, primarily recording business correspondence, a ledger, militia records, a minute book, and records of his estate.

Records of Richard Lowe Benson include certificates, notes, and correspondence relating to this training as a lawyer, and to his later law practice.

Records of Thomas Bingley Fuller Benson relate to his interests in the shipbuilding industry during the early 20th century.

Records of Dr. Clara Cynthia Benson primarily relate to her childhood and school life, her social life in Port Hope, Ontario, and her interest in her family's genealogy.

Records of Emma Louisa (Fuller) Benson consist of a small amount of personal correspondence, a school report, and a record of household expenses.

Records of James Binley Benson consist of his orders and commissions as well as volumes of transcribed poetry.

Records of Laura Abigail (Fuller) Benson consist of a travel journal, personal correspondence, personal photographs, and records of financial accounts and interests.

Records of Mary Edith (McCaul) Benson consist of personal correspondence, purchase receipts and a photograph.

Records of John Benson consist of a letter from his father Ezekiel Benson concerning land in Hay Bay, Upper Canada.

Records of Samuel Benson consist of a single letter sent to him from solicitors, in his capacity as a provincial land surveyor (PLS).

Records of Robert Cochrane Morris consist of certificates issued to him in various capacities.

Records of Ethel Constance Blake consists of two volumes of notations and clippings on the subjects of The Great War and current events between 1914 and 1916.

Fonds also contains photographs taken and accumulated by the Bensons relating to the family and their activities in Port Hope, St. Catharines and other locations. This includes portraits of individuals, mainly Benson family members and friends. This also includes views of Port Hope and St. Catharines, in addition to other parts of the province. This series has been divided into seven sub-series based on content; including portraits of Benson family members and friends, photographs of cities and towns in Ontario, photographs of militia groups, photographs of Benson family homes, photographs of railroads, leisure activities, stereographs, and other miscellaneous photos acquired by the Benson family.

Fonds also includes records relative to the activities of Port Hope barristers Thomas Trevor Baines and John Wright, which were acquired by the Benson family.

Fonds also includes a volume of account records of a practice of Dr. P. H. Salter of Port Hope, Ontario.

Fonds also contains a field notebook created between 1842 and 1844 by land surveyor John Knatchbull Roche.

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Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

The Benson family lived in Port Hope and Peterborough, Ontario, and were involved in businesses such as a general store and railways, and in the administration of law during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Thomas Benson (1804-1857) was a businessman and the first mayor of Peterborough, Ontario during the early and mid-nineteenth century.

Thomas Moore Benson (1833-1915), the second son of Thomas Benson (1804-1857), was a businessman, lawyer, and judge in Ontario during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Frederick Albert Benson (184[3]-1918) was a lawyer and notary public, and served as commander of the 46th Battalion Volunteer Militia at Port Hope, Ontario.

Dr. Clara Cynthia Benson (1875-1964), a professor of chemistry at the University of Toronto, was the daughter of Thomas Moore Benson and his second wife, Laura A. (Fuller) Benson.

Laura Abigail (Fuller) Benson (1847-1928) was the daughter of Reverend Thomas Brock Fuller, first Anglican Bishop of Niagara, and the second wife of Thomas Moore Benson.

Richard Lowe Benson (ca. 1839-1907) was a barrister in Peterborough, Ontario, and served as a deputy sheriff in the county of Northumberland and Durham during the 1880's.

Thomas Bingley Fuller Benson (1876-1941) was an examiner of ships in Toronto, Ontario in the early 20th century.

Emma Louisa (Benson) Fuller lived in Peterborough, Canada West in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

James Binley Benson (182[9]-1876) lived in Peterborough, Upper Canada.

Samuel Benson (1801-1876), Provincial Land Surveyor (PLS), lived in Belleville, Ontario. He was responsible for the 1832 survey of the Town of Napanee, Upper Canada.

Mary Edith (McCaul) Benson (d. 1870) lived in Port Hope, Ontario.

John Benson (1808-1882) was living in Upper Canada in 1830. He was the son of Ezekiel Benson.

Robert Cochrane Morris was a soldier who was born about 1875 in Cobourg, Ontario and died in France in 1917.

Ethel Constance (Blake) Marani lived in Port Hope, Ontario in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

John Knatchbull Roche (1817-1859) was a land surveyor who conducted numerous surveys on behalf of the government of Upper Canada and worked to regulate and improve surveying in the province.

Dr. P. H. Salter was a medical doctor in Port Hope, Ontario in the 1880s, who later moved to Norfolk County, Nebraska, United States.

John Wright was a barrister in Port Hope, Ontario in the late 19th century.

Thomas Trevor Baines (1850-1897) was a lawyer in Port Hope, Ontario during the late 19th century.

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Benson (family)

Benson, Thomas, 1804-1857

Benson, Thomas Moore, 1833-1915

Benson, Frederick Albert, 184[3]-1918

Benson, Clara Cynthia, 1875-1964

Benson, Laura Abigail, 1847-1928

Benson, Richard Lowe, ca. 1839-1907

Benson, Thomas Bingley Fuller, 1876-1941

Fuller, Emma Louisa, ca. 1847-1926

Benson, James Binley, 182[9]-1876

Benson, Mary Edith, d. 1870

Morris, Robert Cochrane, ca. 1869-1917

Marani, Ethel Constance

Roche, John Knatchbull, 1817-1859

Salter, P. H., fl. 1886-1889

Wright, John, fl. 1885-1888

Baines, Thomas Trevor, 1850-1897

Benson, Samuel Manson, 1801-1876

Benson, John, 1808-1882

Restrictions on Access
No restrictions on access.
Terms For Use and Reproduction
Copyright for much of the material in this fonds has expired. Copyright for certain portions of the fonds rests with the creator. To find out more about the copyright status of the particular material you wish to use, consult a Reference Archivist. There are no restrictions on reproduction for research and private study. If you wish to use other than for research and private study any of this material, submit a Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Braodcast Form.
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Fonds was acquired in a number of accessions between 1967 and 1969 from Clara C. Benson, through her nephew Verschoyle Benson Blake. Accruals to the fonds were donated in 2003 by Patrick Daniel, and in 2010 by Ian Daniel.

Title supplied from content of fonds.

Records in the fonds have been arranged according to the family members primarily responsible for their creation.


No further accruals are expected.

Former Codes

Accession 2015, 2097, 2194, 2205, 2370, 2980, 3902, 4700, 4772, 6088, 6089, 6515, 6531, 13631.

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Reference Code Series Title
F 507-1 Benson family photographs
F 507-2 Correspondence of Thomas Benson
F 507-3 Business and legal records of Thomas Benson
F 507-4 Thomas Benson's railway records
F 507-5 Newspaper clippings and broadsides collected by Thomas Benson
F 507-6 Militia records accumulated by Thomas Benson
F 507-7 Diaries of Thomas Benson
F 507-8 Thomas Benson estate records
F 507-9 Correspondence of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-10 Diaries of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-11 Records of Thomas Moore Benson's appointments and commissions
F 507-12 Legal certification and law practice records of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-13 Land records of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-14 Subject files of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-15 Scrapbooks, clippings and printed materials collected by Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-16 Household financial records kept by Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-17 Records of Thomas Moore Benson's retirement
F 507-18 Thomas Moore Benson estate records
F 507-19 Frederick Albert Benson's business records
F 507-20 Frederick Albert Benson's militia records
F 507-21 Records of Richard Lowe Benson
F 507-22 Records of Thomas Bingley Fuller Benson
F 507-23 Records of Clara C. Benson
F 507-24 Records of Emma Benson
F 507-25 Records of James Binley Benson
F 507-26 Records of Thomas Trevor Baines
F 507-27 Records of John Wright
F 507-28 Records of the Langley family
F 507-29 Records of the Fuller family
F 507-30 Account records of Dr. P. H. Salter
F 507-31 Survey records of John Knatchbull Roche
F 507-32 Benson Family genealogical information
F 507-33 Records of Laura Abigail (Fuller) Benson
F 507-34 Records of the Women's Auxiliary Association, St. John's Church, Port Hope, Ontario
F 507-35 Frederick Albert Benson's estate records
F 507-36 Education records of Thomas Moore Benson
F 507-37 Records of John Benson
F 507-38 Records of Samuel Benson
F 507-39 Records concerning land in Rawdon Township
F 507-40 Records of Mary Edith (McCaul) Benson
F 507-41 Records of Robert Cochrane Morris
F 507-42 Records of Ethel Constance Blake