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Fonds F 4443

Thomas G. Browne Church Interiors fonds

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Thomas G. Browne Church Interiors fonds
Dates of Creation
Physical Description

4.3 metres of textual records

2,163 photographs : colour prints

837 photographs : colour negatives

259 photographs : colour slides

129 photographs : black and white prints

1 photograph : black and white negative

135 drawings : pencil on paper

31 drawings : ink on paper or support media

135 watercolours

14 paintings : oil on support media

5 paintings : acrylic on paper 5 paintings : acrylic on paper

101 architectural drawings

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of records documenting the work and operations of Thomas G. Brown Church Interiors and its two predecessor companies, PC Browne and Co, and Thomas G. Browne Church Decoration. Together, these companies represent three generations of the operation of a church interior decorating business in Ontario by the Browne family, spanning almost a century.

The Browne family decorated, designed, and restored ecclesiastical works of art and furniture primarily in churches of various denominations, but also in other places of worship, such as synagogues, convents, cemetery and mausoleum chapels, hospital and school chapels. Other projects include work in private homes and bench seating for a provincial court. The geographic scope of the Brownes' work covers much of Ontario, with some out-of-province projects as well.

The business was owned by three generarions of the Browne family: Peter Charles Browne, from 1905-1938 (under the name PC Browne and Co.); Thomas Grant Browne Sr., from 1938-1968; (under the name Thomas G. Browne Church Decoration) and Thomas Grant Browne Jr., from 1968-2002 (under the name Thomas G. Browne Church Interiors). The records in this fonds are those of the latter two generations: Thomas G. Browne Sr. and Thomas G. Browne Jr.

The records of Peter Charles Browne no longer exist, although the correspondence, project information, and photographs in the fonds do relate and refer to the earlier works of P.C. Browne. There are many examples where works in churches were created and/or restored by all three generations of the Browne family.

The records in this fonds document the particular projects and business practices of the church decorating company, through the project, design, and supplier files, as well as original artwork and photographs of church interiors documenting the Browne family's works. The fonds also documents the types of expenses incurred as a result of running a small business of this nature in Ontario over several decades., through bills, invoices, ledgers and other financial records.

The arrangement of the fonds reflects the Brownes' respective record keeping systems. Thomas G. Browne Sr. filed his records chronologically by year, whereas Thomas G. Browne Jr. filed his records by project or subject.

Fonds has been arranged into 18 series.

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Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

PC Browne and Co. was a church decorating business that was established by Peter Charles Browne and operated in Ontario from 1905-1938.

Thos. G. Browne Church Decoration was an Ontario-based church decorating business that was established in 1938, after Thomas Grant Browne Sr. took over the family business from his father, Peter Charles Browne.

Thomas G. Browne Church Interiors was an Ontario-based church decorating business.

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PC Browne and Co.

Thos. G. Browne Church Decoration

Thos. G. Browne Church Interiors

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Immediate Source of Acquisition
These records were donated to the Archives of Ontario by Thomas G. Browne Jr. in 2003.
Former Codes

Acc. 48500

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Records series that make up this fonds

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Reference Code Series Title
F 4443-1 Browne Church Interiors project correspondence files
F 4443-2 Browne Church Interiors project files
F 4443-3 Browne Church Interiors presentation albums
F 4443-4 Browne Church Interiors artworks
F 4443-5 Browne Church Interiors copyright issues files
F 4443-6 Browne Church Interiors design files
F 4443-7 Browne Church Interiors supplier files
F 4443-8 Browne Church Interiors advertising records
F 4443-9 Browne Church Interiors bank statements
F 4443-10 Browne Church Interiors accounting records
F 4443-11 Browne Church Interiors tax records
F 4443-12 Browne Church Interiors employee files
F 4443-13 Browne Church Interiors workers' compensation records
F 4443-14 Browne Church Interiors corporate and personal insurance records
F 4443-15 Thomas G. Browne Jr.'s membership records
F 4443-16 Browne Church Interiors and Thomas G. Browne Jr. donation records
F 4443-17 Browne Church Interiors bills and related records
F 4443-18 Browne Church Interiors reference and form letters