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Fonds F 229

T. Eaton Company fonds

About these records

T. Eaton Company fonds
Dates of Creation
1792-1999, predominant 1900-1960
Physical Description

ca. 556 metres of textual records

ca. 90,000 photographs

124 posters

108 hours of motion picture film

390 videocassettes (37 hrs.)

777 audio reels

49 audio cassettes

431 architectural drawings

805 MB of photographs : colour (jpg)

Scope and Content

Fonds consists of the records created, received and collected by the T. Eaton Company Limited and some of its associated operations.

Most of the textual records come from the Eaton's executive offices at national headquarters, in Toronto. The fonds contains few records from lower administrative offices or from individual stores. Offices and departments represented in this fonds include: President and Vice-President, 1869-1965; Secretary, 1890-1987; Advertising and Art, 1861-1988; Controller, 1890-1975; Corporate Property Management; Public Relations, 1912-1988, Merchandise, 1889-1977; General Office, 1899-1972; Law Department; Mail Order Office, 1884-1976; Manufacturing, 1855-1961; Personnel Office, 1880-1988; Sales and Expense, 1921-1960; Statistical Insurance, 1899-1930; Staff Superintendent, 1911-1962; Store Superintendent, 1901-1979; Central Division, 1922-1979; Maritimes Division, 1897-1957; and the Western Division (Winnipeg), 1905-1961.

In addition, fonds contains some textual records from the following Eaton-owned companies: Brampton Tire and Rubber Company; the Eaton Knitting Company Ltd.; Guelph Stove Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Acceptance Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Acceptance Company Ltd. of Montreal; T. Eaton Maritimes Company Ltd.; T. Eaton General Insurance Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Realty Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Company Ltd.; T. Eaton Housefurnishing Company Ltd.; The Eaton Delivery Company Ltd.; The Eaton Pension Fund; Greenwich Canadian Company Ltd.; The T. Eaton Company British Columbia Ltd. (now the T. Eaton Company Canada Ltd.); Berkley Contracting Ltd. (now Eaton Tours Ltd.); Eaton Parking Services Ltd.; Eaton's Food Services Ltd.; Southdale Corporation Ltd. (now International Realty Inc.); 278451 Ontario Ltd. (now Communications Counsel Ltd.); 286713 Ontario Ltd. (now Eaton Properties Ltd.); Eaton's of Canada Ltd.; Eaton's Pharmacy Ltd.; Viking Shopping Centres Ltd.; Eaton Credit Corporation; Eaton Travel Ltd.; 682995 Ontario Ltd. (now T. Eaton Holdings Ltd.); 94030 Canada Inc.; 1368058 Ontario Inc.; 1379322 Ontario Inc.; and National Retail Credit Service Ltd.

Fonds also consists of ca. 90,000 photographs, created or acquired by Eaton's. Photos include electronic records, prints, negatives, proofs, slides and copy prints created or supplied by Eaton's in-house photo studio and used in various departments and offices throughout the organisation. Subjects include: advertising, building expansions, displays, portraits of employees, employee activities, promotions, transportation as well as historical events such as Royal visits.

Also included in the fonds are 124 posters created between 1925 and the 1980's. Subjects are: automobiles, Centennial celebrations, clothing and dress, shoplifting and store security, department stores, paper conservation, sporting events, parades and processions, price lists, radios, restaurants, sales promotions, strikes, tapestries, and tourism. A number of items are not creations of Eaton's, including two cartoon reproductions, two Statistics Canada posters, and two posters for Sunbeam automobiles.

Fonds also contains 431 architectural drawings, survey plans and decorative drawings, 1900 - 1975. These records mainly concern Eaton's merchandising properties, employee recreational facilities and Eaton family properties. There are also reference drawings for American and Western Canadian department stores by the Chicago firm, D.H. Burnham and Company, as well as mechanical designs by Russell Motor Car Company for a machine gun mounted vehicle.

Also included are 16 mm films and videotapes, created 1927-1982, pertaining to Eaton's annual Santa Claus Parade, commercials, Eaton family history, community relations, staff training and market research.

As well, the fonds includes 81 hours of sound recordings (1940-1984) on audio reel and audiocassette. Sound recordings include radio commercials as well as interviews with Lady Eaton and speeches by Eaton's managers.

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Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

The T. Eaton Company Limited was a major Canadian retailer founded in 1869 by Timothy Eaton in Toronto, Ontario, and operating until 1999.

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T. Eaton Co.

Restrictions on Access
Textual records containing personal information or concerning labour matters are restricted for 75 years from the date of the last recorded entry. All other textual records are restricted for 30 years from the last recorded entry, except where otherwise noted. See series and file level descriptions for details. There are no access restrictions on the photographic portion of the fonds except for series F 229-306, which is restricted for conservation reasons. For access to restricted records, researchers must request permission from Sears Canada Inc. Contact a Reference Archivist to find out more information.
Terms For Use and Reproduction
Copyright is primarily held by Sears Canada Inc. This fonds also includes materials whose copyright pertains to other rights holders. To find out more about the copyright status of the particular records you wish to use, consult a Reference Archivist. There are no restrictions on reproduction for research and private study.
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Fonds was acquired by the Archives of Ontario from T. Eaton Company Ltd. through numerous accessions between 1959 and 1991. In 2008, an accrual of minute books of various Eaton's companies, as well as shareholders records, were received from the court appointed liquidator. Prior to these transfers, the records were stored either at a warehouse in Scarborough or at the Eaton Company Archives, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto.
Availability of Other Formats

Some of the records in this fonds, including most catalogues, are also available on microfilm.

Some films are available as DVD reference copies or as digital files that will be made available upon request.

Fonds was initially arranged according to subject by the Eaton's Archives. After their transfer to the Archives of Ontario, parts of the fonds were re-arranged according to provenance.

Former Codes

Accession Numbers: 2462, 2742, 2760, 3144, 6109, 21264, 21328, 22820, 24141 and 24308

Finding Aid
Separate inventories are available for the textual, special media, architectural, as well as documentary art and photographic portions of this fonds. Watch a select number of digitized videos from this fonds on the Archives of Ontario's YouTube channel:


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Records series that make up this fonds

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Reference Code Series Title
F 229-1 T. Eaton Toronto catalogues
F 229-2 T. Eaton Winnipeg catalogues
F 229-3 Eaton's Moncton catalogues
F 229-4 T. Eaton Montreal catalogues
F 229-5 Eaton's Mail Order Office special catalogues
F 229-6 Eaton's Private Office correspondence
F 229-7 Harry McGee's general correspondence files
F 229-8 Eaton's Executive Office general files
F 229-9 T. Eaton Co. Executive Office investigation files on price spreads
F 229-10 Eaton's Head Office Accounting Committee files
F 229-11 Eaton's Private Office Board of Commerce files
F 229-12 William George Dean's general files
F 229-13 R.Y. Eaton's notes and memos
F 229-14 Eaton's Executive Secretary's retirement and benefit fund files
F 229-15 Eaton's Uniformity Committee minutes
F 229-16 R.Y. Eaton's Correspondence
F 229-17 Records of the Eaton's Golden Jubilee Committee
F 229-18 Eaton's Secretarial Office competitors files
F 229-19 Eaton's Accounting Section C.M Beattie's files
F 229-20 Eaton's Accounting Section general files
F 229-21 Eaton's Accounting Section stocktaking files
F 229-22 Eaton's Accounting Section subsidiary company records
F 229-23 Eaton's Secretarial Office General Section letterbooks
F 229-24 Eaton's Secretarial Office Rents Committee files
F 229-25 Eaton's Accounting Section tax records
F 229-26 Eaton's Accounting Section wartime memo accounts
F 229-27 Eaton's Accounting Section statistical files
F 229-28 Eaton's Secretarial Office general files
F 229-29 F.W. Murch's files relating to the sale of the Guelph Engineering Company
F 229-30 Eaton Knitting Company records
F 229-31 Eaton's Accounting Section provincial tax returns
F 229-32 Eaton's Secretarial Office Property Section company records
F 229-33 T. Eaton General Insurance Co. files
F 229-34 Eaton's Statistical Insurance Office numbered files
F 229-35 Eaton's Legal Section early general files
F 229-36 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section general files
F 229-37 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section miscellaneous files
F 229-38 Minutes of the Eaton Knitting Company
F 229-39 Eaton Knitting Company instructions
F 229-40 Eaton Knitting Company winding up files
F 229-41 Eaton Knitting Company retirement annuity plan files
F 229-42 Eaton Knitting Company office files
F 229-43 Eaton's Law Department expunged trademark files
F 229-44 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section trademark books
F 229-45 Eaton's Trade Mark Committee files
F 229-46 Records of the Eaton Pension Fund Society
F 229-47 Eaton's Private Office letterbooks
F 229-48 Eaton's Statistical Insurance Office newspaper clippings files
F 229-49 Eaton's Statistical Insurance Office legal opinion book
F 229-50 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section lease records
F 229-51 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section property books
F 229-52 Eaton's Legal Office Saskatoon property files
F 229-53 Eaton's Mail Order Office procedures files
F 229-54 Eaton's General Office files
F 229-55 Eaton's General Office stocktaking files
F 229-56 Eaton's General Office miscellaneous records
F 229-57 Eaton's General Office section head meeting minutes
F 229-58 Eaton's General Office Correspondence Section signature cards
F 229-59 Eaton's General Office Correspondence Section signature and management lists
F 229-60 Eaton's General Office Correspondence Section signature notices
F 229-61 Store Superintendent's Office outgoing and incoming notices
F 229-62 Eaton's Accounting Section notices
F 229-63 Eaton's Secretarial Office Legal Section outgoing and incoming notices
F 229-64 Eaton's General Office Correspondence Section outgoing and incoming notices
F 229-65 Eaton's Sales and Expense Office incoming notices
F 229-66 A.E. Smalley's address to junior management trainees
F 229-67 Eaton's General Office employee records
F 229-68 Eaton's Merchandise Office (Main Store) branded lines pricing files
F 229-69 Records of the Eaton's Housefurnishings Merchandise Office
F 229-70 Eaton's branded line labels
F 229-71 Eaton's Merchandise Office (Main Store) city advertising sales statistics
F 229-72 Eaton's Bridal Salon notebooks and pamphlets
F 229-73 Eaton's Merchandise Office (Main Store) outgoing notices
F 229-74 Eaton's Department N20 advertising scrapbook
F 229-75 Eaton's records management survey
F 229-76 Eaton's General Merchandise Office incoming and outgoing trademark notices
F 229-77 Eaton's General Merchandise Office buyers' meetings files
F 229-78 Eaton's General Merchandise Office foreign buyers' records
F 229-79 Eaton's Ticket Writing Department posters
F 229-80 Eaton's Ticket Writing procedure manual
F 229-81 Eaton's Santa Claus parade files
F 229-82 Eaton's Merchandise Display Office Christmas and miscellaneous records
F 229-83 Eaton's Sales and Expense Office invoice and mark-up records
F 229-84 Eaton's Shopping Service sales records
F 229-85 Eaton's Sales and Expense Office factory reports
F 229-86 Eaton's Sales and Expense Office seasonal plans for store merchandise departments
F 229-87 Eaton's Sales and Expense Office sales journals and miscellaneous sales and expense records
F 229-88 Eaton's Mail Order Office Moncton and Toronto monthly expense sheets
F 229-89 Eaton's contract sales records
F 229-90 Eaton's General Merchandise Office advertising and merchandise display conference files
F 229-91 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department Toronto and Montreal ad books
F 229-92 Eaton's national ad books
F 229-93 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department daily journals
F 229-94 Eaton's Branded Lines Committee minute book
F 229-95 Eaton's Store News
F 229-96 Eaton News Weekly
F 229-97 Eaton's Mail Order Office catalogue and sales statistics
F 229-98 Eaton's Mail Order Advertising Office incoming notices
F 229-99 Eaton's Horizon Store advertising analysis records
F 229-100 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department miscellaneous advertisements
F 229-101 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department miscellaneous records
F 229-102 Eaton's Catalogue Office store sample books
F 229-103 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department incoming and outgoing notices
F 229-104 Eaton's City Advertising and Art Department Daily Store News
F 229-105 Eaton's newspaper inserts, mail-out advertisements and in-store catalogues
F 229-106 Eaton's Design Bureau branded lines books
F 229-107 Eaton's Design Bureau branded lines and miscellaneous design work
F 229-108 Eaton's Mail Order Office summary sheets of catalogue sales statistics
F 229-109 T. Eaton Company Catalogue Office end of season analysis
F 229-110 Eaton's Mail Order Office stock records
F 229-111 Eaton's Mail Order Office general expense comparisons
F 229-112 Eaton's Mail Order Office receipts for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes
F 229-113 Eaton's Moncton Mail Order Office receipts
F 229-114 Eaton's catalogue review overheads
F 229-115 Miscellaneous Eaton's catalogue sales and distribution records
F 229-116 Files on a comparative study between Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues
F 229-117 Eaton's Mail Order Office Adjusting Bureau testimonials and complaints
F 229-118 Eaton's Catalogue Office Personnel Section donation files
F 229-119 Eaton's Catalogue Office catalogue closure records
F 229-120 Eaton's Catalogue Circulation and Sales Promotion Office incoming and outgoing memoranda
F 229-121 Eaton's Catalogue Advertising Office standard practices manual
F 229-122 Eaton's Catalogue Advertising Office catalogue layout and production material
F 229-123 Eaton's Catalogue Advertising Office posters
F 229-124 Eaton's Mail Order Office catalogue inserts and flyers
F 229-125 Eaton's Catalogue Office sales, promotions and circulation files
F 229-126 Eaton's Communications Office catalogue closure files
F 229-127 Eaton's bookkeeping records
F 229-128 Eaton's Public Relations Office donation lists
F 229-129 Eaton's donation files
F 229-130 Eaton's financial records relating to donations
F 229-131 Eaton's Regional Office donations files
F 229-132 Superintendent's Office files
F 229-133 Eaton Auditorium performance files index cards
F 229-134 Eaton Auditorium performance correspondence files
F 229-135 Eaton Auditorium programmes and handbills
F 229-136 Eaton Auditorium general administration files
F 229-137 Eaton Auditorium booking and routing records
F 229-138 Eaton Auditorium attendance records
F 229-139 Eaton Auditorium miscellaneous accounting records
F 229-140 Eaton Auditorium newspaper clippings and scrapbooks
F 229-141 Eaton's employee magazines
F 229-142 Eaton's Fine Art Gallery artists' biographies
F 229-143 Eaton's Fine Art Gallery scrapbooks
F 229-144 Files regarding G.R. Stevens' "The Incompleat Canadian"
F 229-145 Eaton's director's donation notices
F 229-146 D.H. Morrison's Public Relations Office files
F 229-147 J.P. Hefferan's College Street Advertising Department files
F 229-148 Records of J.P. Hefferan on recreation at Eaton's
F 229-149 Eaton's Product Research Bureau general files
F 229-150 Correspondence of the Director of the Eaton's Fine Art Gallery
F 229-151 J.A. Brockie's files
F 229-152 Eaton's Staff Superintendent's Office "Local 1000" files
F 229-153 Eaton Centennial Committee files
F 229-154 R.H. Clendenning's files relating to Eatons' factories
F 229-155 Guelph Stove Co. general files
F 229-156 Eaton's World War I contracts
F 229-157 Eaton's Manufacturing Head Office notices
F 229-158 Eaton's Service Bureau complaint books
F 229-159 Eaton's Service Bureau shopping and tourist guides
F 229-160 Guelph Stove Co. factory files
F 229-161 Eaton's Toronto Management Group social event files
F 229-162 Eaton's Archives Office subject files
F 229-163 Ivor Lewis' Staff Superintendent and Publicity Office files
F 229-164 Eaton's Merchandise Office sales and product manuals
F 229-165 Eaton's Economic and Marketing Research Office research files
F 229-166 Eaton's Merchandise Office marketing organization manual
F 229-167 Eaton's employee application forms, retirement and death notices
F 229-168 Eaton's Personnel Office leaving slip register
F 229-169 Eaton's Personnel Office employment rolls
F 229-170 Eaton's Personnel Office general files
F 229-171 Eaton's Personnel Office notice to employees
F 229-172 Eaton's Personnel Office World War I employee military registers
F 229-173 Eaton's World War II employee discharge registers
F 229-174 Eaton Girls' Club of Toronto war work auxiliary files
F 229-175 Eaton Girls Clubs of Toronto War Work Auxiliary scrapbooks
F 229-176 Illuminated list and scrapbook relating to Eaton's World War II servicemen
F 229-177 Eaton's Archives Office incoming notices
F 229-178 Eatons' Toronto departments staffing overview reports
F 229-179 Eaton's Wages Office miscellaneous payroll records
F 229-180 Eaton's Welfare Office incoming notices
F 229-181 Eaton's Wages Statistics Office wage statistics
F 229-182 Eaton's Recreation Office scrapbooks, photo album and programmes
F 229-183 Eaton's Recreation Office annual reports and miscellaneous files
F 229-184 Eaton's employee military service records
F 229-185 Records of Eaton's London Buying Office
F 229-186 Don Mills Eaton's Store management files
F 229-187 Eaton's Merchandise Office sales promotion files
F 229-188 Eaton's Sales Promotion Committee minutes
F 229-189 Eaton Knitting Company outgoing notices
F 229-190 Eaton's Central Division Executive Office notices and organizational charts
F 229-191 Eaton's Contoller's Office incoming notices and procedure manual
F 229-192 Eaton's Head Office scrapbooks
F 229-193 T. Eaton Company of Winnipeg correspondence files
F 229-194 Winnipeg Staff Superintendent's Office military service files
F 229-195 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg stock audit files
F 229-196 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg notices
F 229-197 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg wartime clippings
F 229-198 T.H. Miller's files relating to the Winnipeg Junior Council and Executive
F 229-199 R.M. Pinfold's files relating to the Edmonton Eaton store
F 229-200 Eaton's Farm News
F 229-201 Records of the T. Eaton Co. Limited of Montreal
F 229-202 Brampton Tire and Rubber Co. Limited general records
F 229-203 T. Eaton Co. Maritimes Limited military service records
F 229-204 T. Eaton Co. Maritimes Limited legal and accounting files
F 229-205 Eaton's Commercial Photographic Studio records
F 229-206 Eaton's Corporate Image Committee minutes and general files
F 229-207 F.S. Eaton's parade and personal files
F 229-208 T. Eaton Co. Maritimes Limited wages and expense sheets
F 229-209 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg ticket writing samples
F 229-210 W.B. Pickard's general files
F 229-211 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg Construction Office miscellaneous files
F 229-212 Eaton's General Office W.W. I scrapbook
F 229-213 Records of G.D. de Salaberry Wotherspoon on new store construction
F 229-214 T. Eaton Co. of Winnipeg Limited General Audit Department tax records
F 229-215 Records of the Eaton's Construction Office
F 229-216 Eaton's Wages Office notices
F 229-217 Eaton's General Office transfer binder record of agreements
F 229-218 Eaton's Company Management Advisory Committee minutes
F 229-219 Eaton's Supply Office samples
F 229-220 T. Eaton Co. Limited of Winnipeg bond and debenture registers
F 229-221 Eaton's Archives Office people files
F 229-222 Eaton's Manufacturing Head Office miscellaneous factory files
F 229-223 T. Eaton Acceptance Co. Ltd. financial records
F 229-224 Eaton's General Systems Office incoming notices
F 229-225 Eaton's Archives office files
F 229-226 Eaton's Fashion Information Reporting System procedures manual
F 229-227 Catalogue Office Personnel Section forms manual
F 229-228 Eaton's Central Division procedure manuals
F 229-229 Eaton's newspaper advertisements
F 229-230 Eaton's Archives Office newsclippings
F 229-231 Eaton's Christmas catalogues
F 229-232 Eaton's sales catalogues
F 229-233 R.Y. Eaton's personal investment records
F 229-234 Eaton's Executive Office director's meetings minutes
F 229-235 Eaton's Secretarial Office estate files
F 229-237 Minutes of the Directors of the T. Eaton Company Limited
F 229-238 Minute books of the subsidiary companies of the T. Eaton Company Limited
F 229-239 Annual meeting agendas and draft minutes of the T. Eaton Company Ltd. and subsidiary companies
F 229-240 Meeting agendas, draft minutes and associated records of the T. Eaton Company Ltd. and subsidiary companies
F 229-241 Eaton's Law Department administrative records
F 229-242 Eaton's Law Department claims records
F 229-243 Eaton's Law Department corporate agreement files and related records
F 229-244 Eaton's Law Department intellectual property files
F 229-245 Eaton's Law Department legislation files
F 229-246 Eaton's Law Department personnel and employment policy files
F 229-247 Eaton's Law Department property files
F 229-248 Eaton's Law Department securities files
F 229-249 Eaton's loss prevention files
F 229-250 Records of I.G. Milne, Company Development Accounting Manager
F 229-251 Eaton's legal counsel correspondence files
F 229-252 Eaton's General Counsel office administrative files
F 229-253 Eaton's Company Legal Office administration files
F 229-254 Eaton's Company Legal Office concession, equipment and merchandising agreement files
F 229-255 Eaton's Company Legal Office general agreement files
F 229-256 Eaton's Company Legal Office claims files
F 229-257 Eaton's Company Legal Office personnel claims files
F 229-258 Eaton's Company Legal Office intellectual property files
F 229-259 Eaton's Company Legal Office anti-trust legislation files
F 229-260 Eaton's Company Legal Office general legislation files
F 229-261 Eaton's Company Legal Office merchandise policy files
F 229-262 Eaton's Company Legal Office general property and leases files
F 229-263 Eaton's Company Legal Office property investment files
F 229-264 Eaton's Company Legal Office real property research files
F 229-265 Eaton's historical property records
F 229-266 Eaton's company property registers
F 229-267 Company Legal Office files relating to the subsidiary companies of the T. Eaton Co. Limited
F 229-268 Minute books of Eaton's trust funds and estates
F 229-269 Minute books of the Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression
F 229-270 Minute books of the Eaton Retirement Annuity Plan Board of Trustees
F 229-271 Records of Eaton's Executive Office
F 229-272 Financial statements and related records of The T. Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies
F 229-273 Executors' statements of Eaton estates
F 229-274 Annual statements of The Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression
F 229-275 Annual statements of Eaton Retirement Annuity Plan
F 229-276 Annual and financial statements of The Eaton Foundation
F 229-277 The T. Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies' records of incorporation
F 229-278 The T. Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies' bondholders' and shareholders' records
F 229-279 The Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression securities records
F 229-280 Eaton's Toronto Advisory Board files
F 229-281 Eaton's Executive Office seal books
F 229-282 General files of James Elliott, Secretary of The T. Eaton Co. Limited
F 229-283 Incoming and outgoing notices of James Elliott, Secretary of the T. Eaton Co,
F 229-284 Eaton's Secretarial Office trial balance sheet detail and worksheets
F 229-285 Eaton's Executive Office catalogue closure records
F 229-286 Records of the Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer of T. Eaton Company Limited
F 229-287 Eaton's Secretarial Office wartime salaries files
F 229-288 Eaton's company information returns and related records
F 229-289 Secretarial Office Statistics Canada files
F 229-290 Eaton's Secretarial Office accounting section taxation files
F 229-291 The T. Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies financial ledgers, journals and related records
F 229-292 The T. Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies private ledger sheets
F 229-293 Eaton's General Ledger Accounting Office working financial statements and group trial balances
F 229-294 Eaton's Company Controller's Office working financial records
F 229-295 Eaton's Secretarial Office company financial records and reports
F 229-296 Eaton Co. Limited and subsidiary companies journal vouchers
F 229-297 Eaton's Secretarial Office employee bonus records
F 229-298 Records of D. A. MacLellan, Chairman of the Toronto Eaton Centre Coordinating Committee
F 229-299 Eaton's Secretarial Office staff files
F 229-300 T. Eaton Company manager's portrait photographs
F 229-301 Eaton's Archives slides
F 229-302 T. Eaton Company lantern slides
F 229-303 Eaton's Toronto College Street store merchandise display photographs
F 229-304 Eaton's Toronto Queen Street store merchandise display photographs
F 229-305 Eaton's Commercial Photographic Studio photographs
F 229-306 Eaton's Commercial Photographic Studio closed photographs
F 229-307 Eaton's Company Development Office photographs
F 229-308 Eaton's Archives photographic and documentary art subject files
F 229-309 Eaton's printed graphic materials
F 229-310 Eaton's Consumer and Corporate Affairs Deparment store and properties photographic albums
F 229-312 Eaton's personnel, family and ceremonial event photographs
F 229-350 Eaton's Employee Relations subject files
F 229-351 Eaton's labour relations files
F 229-352 Eaton's employee complaint files
F 229-353 Eaton's Health and Safety Board files
F 229-354 Eaton's workers' compensation files
F 229-355 Eaton's Company Benefits Administration records
F 229-356 Eaton's Personnel Administration Office employee records
F 229-357 Eaton's Compliance Office files
F 229-358 Eaton's records transfer lists
F 229-359 Secretarial Legal files
F 229-360 Eaton's Paris Office employee files
F 229-361 Secretarial Office files relating to companies that acquired and managed properties for Eaton's
F 229-362 Company Controller's Office group life insurance records
F 229-363 Records of the Eaton Retirement Annuity Plan
F 229-364 Eaton's Insurance Office files
F 229-365 Eaton's Treasury Office files
F 229-366 T. Eaton Company Controller's Office account files
F 229-367 Eaton's Secretarial Office special accounts files
F 229-368 Eaton's corporate seal embossers
F 229-369 Eaton's tax office files
F 229-400 Moving image records of the Santa Claus Parade
F 229-401 Sound and moving images documenting Eaton's history
F 229-402 T. Eaton Co. Community Affairs audio and moving image records
F 229-403 Eaton's staff training sound and moving image records
F 229-404 T. Eaton Company building and expansion records
F 229-405 T. Eaton Co. audiovisual material: special events
F 229-408 Commercials: national advertising
F 229-409 Commercials: regional advertising
F 229-410 T. Eaton Company commercials: seasonal, monthly and weekly
F 229-411 Commercials: shops and services
F 229-412 Commercials: special sales
F 229-413 Commercials: merchandise
F 229-414 Commercials: theme promotions
F 229-415 Eaton's Advertising Planning and Marketing Department monitoring records of printed advertisements
F 229-416 Eaton's Advertising Planning and Marketing Department public relations files
F 229-417 Eaton's Corporate Communications public relations employee technical training materials
F 229-419 Eaton School of Retail records
F 229-420 Eaton Family Farm Hunt and Meet films
F 229-421 Eaton's Corporate Communications records relating to executives
F 229-422 Eaton's Advertising Planning and Marketing Department national broadcasting records
F 229-423 Eaton's Advertising Planning and Marketing Department seasonal and specialty broadcasting records
F 229-424 Corporate Communications' Santa Claus Parade footage
F 229-500 Eaton Company Construction Office architectural drawings
F 229-501 Corporate Property Management Office project files