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Ontario Government Record Series RG 1-515

Inspector General's Loyalist registers

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Inspector General's Loyalist registers
Dates of Creation
[ca. 1802]-1875
Physical Description

3 volumes of textual records

Scope and Content

Series consists of three registers listing the names of Loyalist claimants in Upper Canada. The lists were created to provide a comprehensive listing of privileged individuals (i.e., United Empire Loyalists, their sons and daughters, who were entitled to "free grants" of land). The lists comprising Volumes RG 1-515-0-0-1 and RG 1-515-0-0-2 appear to have been compiled from the same sources, the rolls drawn up by the District Land Boards on the order of Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe beginning in 1796. Subsequently, from 1798 to 1839, additions and exclusions were made to the lists. The list comprising Volume RG 1-515-0-0-3 was compiled from muster rolls.

Restrictions on Access
Original records are closed for conservation reasons.
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Custodial History

Records appear to have originated in the Office of the Inspector General, which was responsible for determining if applicants for land grants were privileged. According to correspondence and memoranda inserted in Volume RG 1-515-0-2, in 1866 these three volumes, along with several others, were lent to the Crown Lands Department for copying by the Inspector General. The volumes apparently were never returned to the Inspector General.

Volumes RG 1-515-0-0-1 and RG 1-515-0-0-2 were transferred to the Archives of Ontario by the Titles Section, Land Management Branch, Ministry of Natural Resources in 1983. Volume RG 1-515-0-0-3 was transferred to the Archives in the late 1970s or early 1980s, presumable also from the Ministry.

Associated Material

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-1 was borrowed by Library and Archives Canada in 1875 and both Parts 1 and 2 of the listing were transcribed (although in reversed order). The transcription , however, was not full and complete in that it did not include those names which had been ruled out. The original volume subsequently was returned to the Crown Lands Department. In 1885 Part 2 was published as "The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884". In 1984 it was reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. as "The Old United Empire Loyalists List" (also known as the Crown Lands List). In 1965 the transcription was microfilmed by Library and Archives Canada (Library and Archives Canada reference MG 9, D 4, volume 9, microfilm reel C-2222).

A variety of other lists exist. Library and Archives Canada holds the Executive Council UE List (RG 1, L 7, volume 52a) which is also available on microfilm C- 2222. Some original muster rolls of Loyalist corps and provision lists can be found at Library and Archives Canada, most notably within the Haldimand Papers (MG 21, G 2), British Military "C" Series (RG 8, Series I) , and British Headquarters Papers, formerly the Carleton Papers (MG 23, B 1). Many lists of Loyalists also exist in published form.

As well, Library and Archives Canada holds various records relating to the reinstatement of individuals to the U.E. List (RG 1 L 6 D, volumes 1 and 2).

Related Material

Copies of various published Loyalist lists are available through the Archives of Ontario library.

Series RG 1-18, Heir and Devisee Commission reports submitted to the Inspector General, documents claims for land made by the heirs of individuals on the lists.

Availability of Other Formats

All records in this series are also available on microfilm.

Several offices of the colonial government, including the Executive Council, the Surveyor General, and the Inspector General, kept a copy of the Loyalist list, which was prepared by the Clerk of the Executive Council. This may explain the similar writing found in the various volumes.

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-1 may have been the copy held by the Surveyor General. The evidence for this is weak and is based on two factors: a few corrections made to entries which have the mark "SG" recorded beside them; and somewhat more detailed information than is found in Volume RG 1-515- 0-0-1 concerning the placement of Loyalists on Crown lands. This volume, however, is not listed in an inventory of records prepared in 1839 for the Surveyor General's Office.

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-2 appears to be the copy maintained by Inspector General, in that this volume records suspensions from the list, a responsibility which was assigned to the Inspector General.

It is clear from the correspondence found in the front of Volume RG 1-515-0-0-2 as well as annotations in the volumes themselves, that both volumes were in the custody of the Department of Finance (Inspector General) by 1866, if not before. For that reason it has been decided to atttribute the Inspector General's Office as the creator of the records. For similar reasons, Volume RG 1-515-0-0-3 has also been attributed to the Inspector General's Office.

Former Codes

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-1 formerly was Series RG 1 A-VII, volume 64.

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-2 formerly was Series RG 1 A-VII, volume 65.

Volume RG 1-515-0-0-3 formerly was Series RG 1 A-IV, volume 80.

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[ca. 1802]-1841 :

Inspector General's Office (BA91)

1842-1859 :

Inspector General's Office (BA92)

1859-1866 :

Department of Finance (AA46)

1866-1867 :

Crown Lands Department (AA100)

1867-1875 :

Department of Crown Lands (AA49)

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