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Marriage records collection
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3 metres of textual records

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The Marriage Records Collection is an artificial creation of the Archives of Ontario designed to assemble in one place miscellaneous marriage certificates, licenses and registers which cannot be assigned to any one specific church. Most of the marriages represented in the collection were performed by itinerant clergy who travelled a circuit or officiated at several churches. The collection also includes marriage contracts, baptism records, cemetery transcripts, data on births, marriages and deaths abstracted from newspapers and Old Age Pension applications, and a set of instructions pertaining to the issuance of marriage licenses. Some of the records include indexes.

Most of the records in the collection document marriages performed in Ontario, but the collection also documents marriages performed in Alberta and in Laprairie, Quebec. Most of the documents in the collection are originals, but some are photocopies or typescript copies of originals.

The list which follows is arranged alphabetically. Most entries correspond to a location (the district, county, town, or township). However, see also under "Civil Marriage Licenses Collection" and "Miscellaneous Licenses and Certificates". Also, entries for individual marriage contracts and licenses that were acquired as individual items are listed under the name of the groom.

Alberta and Ontario: A record of marriages performed in Alberta and Ontario by the Rev. S. Nicholson of the Methodist church. 1894-1910. (MS 7583)

Bay of Quinte: A record of marriages solemnized by Daniel McMullen of the Methodist church in the area of the Bay of Quinte. 1831-1857. (MS 7583)

Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk Counties: A record of marriage licenses issued by Samuel W. Howard, mainly for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. 1874-1900. (MS 326)

Brantford: A record of marriage licenses issued by William Richardson at Brantford. 1838-1839. (MS 7583)

Brockville: A manuscript copy of a part of the marriage register kept by the Rev. William Smart, Presbyterian Minister at Brockville, Upper Canada. 1812-1838. (MS 858)

Bruce County: A marriage register for the Methodist Church in Bruce County. 1859-1889. (MS 819)

Caledon Township: Knox Presbyterian Church, marriage register, 1858-1888 (MS 7583)

Civil Marriage Licenses Collection, United Church of Canada: A collection of marriage licenses, certificates and receipts received from the United Church of Canada, Central Archives. The collection is arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the groom. 1853-1911. (MS 7583)

Dundas County: A collection of marriage affidavits by James D. Laflamme, Issuer of Marriage Licenses, at Winchester, Dundas County. 1877-1896. (MS 7584)

Fort George, Queenston and Niagara: Envelope 1: Marriage Register of R.W. Tunney, Fort George, 1821-1824; Envelope 2 - 3: Marriage Register for Queenston, 1821-1826; Envelope 4: Marriage Register For Niagara and Queenston, 1826-1829; Envelope 5: Marriage Register for Fort George, Niagara, 1824-1828; Envelope 6: Marriage Register for Niagara, 1831- 1832; Envelope 7 -10: Marriage Certificates for Niagara, 1832-1839. (MS 7584)

Gore and London Districts: Marriage and baptism records of the Rev. Ralph Leeming of the Anglican church for the Gore and London Districts; and transcript of the Burk Cemetery, South Harwick, Kent County. 1819-1827. (MS 819)

Grierson, John: A marriage settlement between John Grierson and Jane Cross, 28 December. 1795. (MS 7584)

Haileybury: Marriage Register of the Rev. John Sharp of the Presbyterian Church at Haileybury. 1897-1929. (MS 819)

Hilton: A Marriage Register for the Methodist Episcopal Church at Hilton, Northumberland County. 1836-1869. (MS 819)

Howard Licenses: Microfilm copy of the Samuel Howard marriage licenses for the counties of Welland, Haldimand, Brant, Norfolk, Oxford, Elgin, Peel, Wentworth, Grey and Wellington. 1874-1900. (MS 326)

Instructions to Issuers of Marriage Licenses, Marriage Act, 1874 (printed copy). (MS 7584)

King Township: Returns of Marriages solemnized by the Rev. J. Adams, a Minister of the Presbyterian church, at King Township. 1858-1878. (MS 819)

Kingston: A record of marriages solemnized by the Rev. Samuel N. Jackson of the 1st Congregational Church, Kingston. 1877-1894. (MS 7584)

Leacock: A marriage settlement in the names Leacock and Butler, arranged in Great Britain. 1866. (MS 7584)

London and Toronto: Marriage register of Rev. James W. Pedley, First Congregational Church (London) and Western Congregational Church (Toronto), 1896-[19--], (MU 2010, barcode B277411)

London District: A microfilmed copy of the Clerk of the Peace's register of marriages, 1784-1833. (MS 201, reel 3)

London District: A Marriage Register kept by John Hunter Huston, an itinerant Wesleyan Methodist Minister for the London District. 1827-1851. (MS 3985)

Midland District: A Record of Marriages performed by Stephen Conger as Magistrate, Midland District. 1803-1823. (MS 7584)

Miscellaneous Licenses and Certificates: A collection of miscellaneous marriage licenses and certificates arranged alphabetically. 1801-1889. (MS 7584)

Moraviantown and Orford: A collection of Indian marriage returns for Moraviantown and Orford. 1858-1901. (MS 7585)

Norval: A Marriage Register of the Rev. Joseph Alexander for the Norval and Union Churches, Norval, Esquesing Township. 1858-1891. (MS 7585)

Osnabruck Township and Laprairie, Quebec: The collection consists of 4 envelopes of marriage licenses for Osnabruck Township, 1826- 1852 and 3 volumes recording baptisms, marriages and burials at Laprairie, Quebec, kept by the Rev. Isaac Purkins, Protestant Minister, 1823-1838. (MS 7585)

Oxford County: Marriage and birth data abstracted from Old Age Pension applications, 1932-1933. (MS 7585)

Oxford County: The Marriage Register of the Rev. J.E. Dockrey of the Free Baptist Church, Oxford County. 1865-1878. (MS 7585)

Oxford and Lambton Counties: The Marriage Register of the Rev. W.H. Havilland of the Baptist Church, Oxford and Lambton Counties. 1869-1878. (MS 7585)

Perth: Abstracts of birth, marriage and death in the Bathurst Courier and the Perth Courier, compiled by Louise Hope in alphabetical / chronological order. 1834-1909. (1834-1880 on MS 7585; 1880-1899 on MS 7586; 1900-1909 on MS 7587). Includes an index (MS 7587).

Picton: A Marriage Register of the Rev. D. McMullen, a Wesleyan Methodist, at Picton. 1858-1873. (MS 819)

Richmond Hill: Marriage records, Rev. William Jenkins. 1822-1843. (MS 7588) [This is a partial list only extracted from a larger list published by A.J. Clark in the Ontario Historical Society "Papers and Records" Volume 27, pp 15-76]

St. Catharines: The marriage records of the Rev. Burson, a Presbyterian Minister, at St. Catharines. 1872-1884. (MS 7588)

Toronto: A marriage certificate of John McKenzie and Eliza English, both of Toronto. 1874. (MS 7588)

Toronto: A collection of licenses for marriages performed by the Rev. John Jennings at Toronto. 1841-1875. (MS 7588)

Welland County: A record of Quaker marriages for Welland County compiled by John E. Eshelman. 1785-1829. (MS 7588)

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This collection was received from a wide variety of sources over several years. Contact a Reference Archivist for details about any one of the items within.

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Accessions 543, 640, 710, 716, 717, 740, 795, 1609, 1671, 1675, 1808, 2134, 2440, 2442, 2443, 2354, 3173, 3562, 4816, 4863, 6036, 6073, 6351, 6512, 6599, 6658, 9197, 9486, 10033, 10136, 10637, 10797, 11522, 11565, 12269, 12314, 12574, 12853, 14391, 15316.

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Inventory F 982 Marriage Records Collection contains an alphabetical index to the Civil marriage licences collection of the United Church of Canada.

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