Ontario Government Record Series RG 1-152

Registers of militia grants

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Registers of militia grants
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2 volumes of textual records

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Series is composed of registers documenting certificates received from the Adjutant General which authorised grants to militia officers and militiamen who served in flank companies and cavalries during the War of 1812 and to discharged seamen from the provincial navy. As well, one register documents tickets of location which were issued by the Second District Land Boards and served in the place of fiats. It was a complex process to receive a land grant. Many offices were involved and each office (Executive Council Office, Receiver General's Office, Attorney General's Office, Surveyor General's Office, Provincial Secretary's Office, etc. ) maintained its own numbering system for the documents it generated or received relating to these transactions. Within the Surveyor General's Office, warrants issued to former members of the colonial militia were numbered and filed separately from other types of fiats and warrants.

The original warrants authorising the land grants have not survived.

Volume RG 1-152-0-1: Two types of lists are found in this volume, entitled "Militia Book No. 1". The first set of lists document grants of land and consist of: the Surveyor General's number; the Adjutant General's certificate number; the name of the grantee, their occupation and place of residence; their militia rank, the company in which they served, and their period of service; the acreage of the grant and its location (lot, concession, township); the date the location ticket was issued; the number of the Attorney General's fiat; and a description number. Also recorded may be the name of the individual to whom the location ticket was issued. This volume contains entries for grants #1 (1820) to #3478 (1835). Some grants are annotated with later information, to ca. 1841. These grants were distinguished by use of the code "M".

This volume also contains lists of "Fiats issued under tickets of location of the Land Boards, instituted in the year 1819". Entries record: the Surveyor General's fiat number; the Attorney General's fiat number; the name, place of residence and occupation of the grantee; the date of the Attorney General's fiat; the regulations under which the grant was awarded; whether the grant required the payment of fees or was gratuitous; a description number (gratuitous grants are distinguished by use of the code "AA"); and remarks, largely concerning the payment of survey fees. The register records fiats # 1(December 1820) to #599 (September 1833). These entries are continued in Sub-series RG 1-161-2.

The two kinds of lists alternate throughout the volume.

There is an alphabetical index to names at the back of the volume.

Volume RG 1-152-0-2: This volume, entitled "Militia Book No. 2", is a continuation of Volume RG 1-152-0-1 and lists militia grants #3479 (1835) to #5610 (1850).

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Upper Canada. Surveyor General's Office

Canada (Province). Crown Lands Dept.
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Original records are closed for conservation reasons.
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Records were transferred to the Archives of Ontario by the Department of Lands and Forests.
Associated Material

The documents authorising these militia grants are found at Library and Archives Canada in RG 9, I B 4, volumes 18 to 25 and in RG 9, I B 7, volume 3.

An index to the militia grant certificates at Library and Archives Canada, prepared by Wilfred Lauber, was published in 1995 by the Ontario Genealogical Society as: An Index of the land grant certificates of Upper Canada militiamen who served in the War of 1812- 1814.

Related Material

Sub-series RG 1-53-16 contains descriptions of militia grants.

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These records are also available on microfilm.

Information found in Volume RG 1-152-0-1 and Volume RG 1-152-0-2 is abstracted in the Ontario Land Records Index, available in the Archives' Main Reading Room. Copies of this Index have been distributed on microfiche to archives and libraries across Canada, the United States, and overseas.

Former Codes

Volume RG 1-152-0-1 formerly was RG 1 C-I-3, volume 132.

Volume RG 1-152-0-2 formerly was RG 1 C-I-3, volume 133.

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1820-1845 :

Surveyor General's Office (BA84)

1845-1850 :

Crown Lands Department (AA100)

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