Ontario Government Record Series RG 1-100

Patent plans

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Patent plans
Dates of Creation
[178?]-[ca. 1978]
Physical Description

4201 plans

Scope and Content

Series consists of plans showing the status of Crown lands, whether patented, leased, or under a license of occupation. Until the late 1970s, patent plans were used within the Ministry of Natural Resources as a quick reference tool to show the alienation of Crown land. Once this information was computerised, the patent plans became redundant, and they were transferred to the Archives of Ontario.

At the time a survey was completed and a survey plan created, an extra copy of the plan was prepared. Whenever a lot or a portion of a lot was patented, the patentee's name was inscribed on the plan in the appropriate place and the lot normally was marked with a "D" for "described". At times, other information such as a land file number (See Series RG 1-246), an order-in-council number, a licence number or a lease reference also was included. Later survey plans were obtained from other government sources such as land registry offices.

Several patent plans may exist for a town or township, and the information provided may vary among the plans. The series also includes Subdivision plans, which are plans that subdivide land of existing lots into two or more new lots; or, the consolidation of two or more existing lots and their simultaneous redivision along new boundaries into two or more new lots. Subdivision plans include a prefix "M" before the number of the plan.

Particularly in the pre-Confederation period, these plans were used to record locations on land made for grants and sales. Often, however, the individuals named on the plans did not follow through with obtaining a patent on the land. Thus, in order to confirm that a patent was actually issued, it is necessary to examine other sources such as various indices to land patents. (See Inventory 52 for descriptions of these indices).

Administrative History or Biographical Sketch

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Quebec (Province, 1763-1791). Surveyor General's Office

Upper Canada. Surveyor General's Office

Canada (Province). Crown Lands Dept.

Ontario. Dept. of Crown Lands

Ontario. Surveys, Patents and Roads Branch

Ontario. Surveys and Patents Branch

Ontario. Dept. of Lands and Mines

Ontario. Dept. of Lands, Forests and Mines

Ontario. Dept. of Lands and Forests. Surveys Branch

Ontario. Lands Branch

Ontario. Dept. of Lands and Forests

Ontario. Division of Land and Recreational Areas

Ontario. Dept. of Lands and Forests. Division of Lands

Ontario. Lands and Surveys Branch

Ontario. Lands and Waters Branch

Ontario. Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario. Lands Administration Branch
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Some material may be closed for conservation reasons.
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Copyright is primarily held by the Crown. No restrictions on reproduction. Permission of the Archives of Ontario is required for publication; submit a Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit or Broadcast Form.
Immediate Source of Acquisition
These records were acquired via direct transfer from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Land Management Branch, in 1979.
Related Material

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The dates in the online list do not reflect the dates of creation of specific maps. The records were constantly updated while they were held by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Former Codes

Series RG 1-100 formerly was Series RG 1 C-I-10.

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Agency or agencies that created these records

These records were created by the following Ontario government agency or agencies. Click on the agency reference code for information about this agency and other records it created.

1785-1791 :

Surveyor General's Office (BA139)

1791-1827 :

Surveyor General's Office (BA84)

1827-1867 :

Crown Lands Department (AA100)

1867-1870 :

Department of Crown Lands (AA49)

1870-1900 :

Department of Crown Lands (AA49) Surveys, Patents and Roads Branch (CA505)

1900-1905 :

Department of Crown Lands (AA49) Surveys and Patents Branch (CA506)

1905-1906 :

Department of Lands and Mines (AA50) Surveys and Patents Branch (CA506)

1906-1912 :

Department of Lands, Forests and Mines (AA51) Surveys and Patents Branch (CA506)

1912-1916 :

Department of Lands, Forests and Mines (AA51) Surveys Branch (CA507)

1916-1920 :

Department of Lands, Forests and Mines (AA51) Lands Branch (CA1150)

1920-1941 :

Department of Lands and Forests (AA52) Lands Branch (CA1150)

1941-1954 :

Department of Lands and Forests (AA52) Division of Land and Recreational Areas (CA188)

1954-1957 :

Department of Lands and Forests (AA52) Division of Lands (CA187)

1957-1971 :

Department of Lands and Forests (AA52) Lands and Surveys Branch (CA510)

1971-1972 :

Department of Lands and Forests (AA52) Lands and Waters Branch (CA1467)

1972-1978 :

Ministry of Natural Resources (AA17) Lands Administration Branch (CA1265)

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