Series F 4593-1

Lenscape Incorporated client records

About these records

Lenscape Incorporated client records
Dates of Creation
Physical Description

308,704 photographs

22,200 photographs (351.28 GB)

117 architectural drawings

84 maps

4 drawings

1.8 metres of textual records

4 video recordings (74 MB)

Sub-series forms part of

F 4593 Lenscape Incorporated fonds

Scope and Content

Series consists of project files pertaining to work performed by Lenscape Incorporated for their clients. Clients are defined as being individuals, organizations, or specific project sites. Each file can include photographs, architectural drawings, maps, work orders, correspondence, notes, promotional records, or reference materials.

Photographs generally depict the stages of construction for individual project sites, from breaking ground to final completion. The series also includes photographs of both project site models and models submitted for design competitions. Many photographs were also used for reference or preliminary study purposes that resulted in multiple examples of aerial perspectives included in the records. Most projects were located in the greater Toronto area, although Lenscape also documented project sites in Ontario, throughout Canada, and globally. In individual sub-series descriptions, project locations are assumed to be in Ontario, unless otherwise noted.

Textual records detail the specifics of Lenscape's work contracts including: project location, financial considerations, and number of photographs produced. Some correspondence, working notes, and magazine clippings are also present.

Lastly, the series also includes architectural drawings and maps that depict project site plans and locations.

The original alphabetical arrangement of Lenscape's client records has been maintained. This includes smaller projects deemed by Lenscape to fall under the 'miscellaneous category.' These project files have been grouped alphabetically by letter.

In total, this series is divided into 380 sub-series.

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Sub-series that make up this series

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Reference Code Sub-series Title
F 4593-1-1 220 Bay Management Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-2 A + M photographs
F 4593-1-3 A. Baldassarra Architect Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-4 Acme Construction photographs
F 4593-1-5 AD Fire Protection Services Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-6 Adamson Associates Architects project files
F 4593-1-7 Adelt Mechanical Works photographs
F 4593-1-8 Admax Advantage Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-9 AFG Glass project files
F 4593-1-10 A.J. Diamond Architects photographs
F 4593-1-11 Alan Puss Studio photographs
F 4593-1-12 Alan Rae Architect photographs
F 4593-1-13 Annau Architects project files
F 4593-1-14 A.P. Illustrations photographs
F 4593-1-15 Architects Alliance project files
F 4593-1-16 Architectural Dimensions project files
F 4593-1-17 Arcop Associates photographs
F 4593-1-18 Arnoldi photographs
F 4593-1-19 Arthur Erickson Architects photographs
F 4593-1-20 Atkins Architects photographs
F 4593-1-21 Atkinson and McLeod photographs
F 4593-1-22 Avro Group project files
F 4593-1-23 Project files - ‘A’ miscellaneous
F 4593-1-24 Baldwin & Franklin Architects Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-25 Bank of Nova Scotia project site photographs
F 4593-1-26 Barbara Mottello photographs
F 4593-1-27 Brisbin Brook Beynon (BBB) Architects project files
F 4593-1-28 BCE Development Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-29 Berridge Lewinberg Greenberg photographs
F 4593-1-30 BFC Buildings project files
F 4593-1-31 Biltrite Nightingale Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-32 Bob Hopewell photographs
F 4593-1-33 Bogardus Wilson Limited photographs
F 4593-1-34 BOH photographs
F 4593-1-35 Bondfield Construction project files
F 4593-1-36 Botlin Marketing Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-37 Bramalea Limited photographs
F 4593-1-38 Bregman and Hamann Architects project files
F 4593-1-39 Brigitte Shim photographs
F 4593-1-40 The Bromley Company photographs
F 4593-1-41 Button Construction photographs
F 4593-1-42 Project files - ‘B’ clients
F 4593-1-43 C.A. Ventin photographs
F 4593-1-44 CANA Construction project files
F 4593-1-45 Canada Square Corporation project files
F 4593-1-46 Canada Trust photographs
F 4593-1-47 Carruthers Shaw and Partners Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-48 C.B.A. photographs
F 4593-1-49 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) project files
F 4593-1-50 Cherry Lane Studios photographs
F 4593-1-51 Chinese Cultural Centre photographs
F 4593-1-52 Cliff Bowman & Associates Limited project files
F 4593-1-53 CN Real Estate Development photographs
F 4593-1-54 Computer Museum photographs
F 4593-1-55 Context Development project files
F 4593-1-56 Cooper Construction photographs
F 4593-1-57 Cosin Model photographs
F 4593-1-58 Crang and Boake Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-59 Cravit & Ortved Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-60 Creditel photographs
F 4593-1-61 Crown Life photographs
F 4593-1-62 Project files - ‘C’ clients
F 4593-1-63 Daicon Construction project files
F 4593-1-64 Daily Commercial News photographs
F 4593-1-65 Dalars Construction photographs
F 4593-1-66 Dalton Engineering and Construction Limited project files
F 4593-1-67 Daniel Johnson Architect photographs
F 4593-1-68 Daniel Li Architects photographs
F 4593-1-69 The Daniels Corporation project files
F 4593-1-70 Darling and Downey Architects photographs
F 4593-1-71 David Irvine photographs
F 4593-1-72 David Johnson Architect photographs
F 4593-1-73 David Spann photographs
F 4593-1-74 David Sujitno photographs
F 4593-1-75 Decoustics Limited project files
F 4593-1-76 Design Exchange photographs
F 4593-1-77 Devencore photographs
F 4593-1-78 DFAC photographs
F 4593-1-79 Dillon Consulting Limited photographs
F 4593-1-80 Dineen Construction project files
F 4593-1-81 Domed Stadium Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-82 Donovan and Green Designers photographs
F 4593-1-83 Dubois Plumbing project files
F 4593-1-84 Dunlop Farrow Aitken photographs
F 4593-1-85 Du Toit Allsopp Hillier project files
F 4593-1-86 Project files - ‘D’ clients
F 4593-1-87 Eastern Construction project files
F 4593-1-88 Eastern Railroad Association photographs
F 4593-1-89 Ed photographs
F 4593-1-90 EGM Cape Construction Limited photographs
F 4593-1-91 EllisDon Corporation project files
F 4593-1-92 The Equion Group project files
F 4593-1-93 Essence photographs
F 4593-1-94 Eton Construction photographs
F 4593-1-95 E.V. Radvenis photographs
F 4593-1-96 Executive Portraiture photographs
F 4593-1-97 Execway Construction photographs
F 4593-1-98 Project records - ‘E’ clients
F 4593-1-99 Farne Properties photographs
F 4593-1-100 Ferris McCluskey Quinn Associates Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-101 Festival Hall project files
F 4593-1-102 Fidra photographs
F 4593-1-103 Forest Hill Village photographs
F 4593-1-104 Formglas project files
F 4593-1-105 Foster Advertising Limited photographs
F 4593-1-106 Fototechnik photographs
F 4593-1-107 Four Seasons Hotel photographs
F 4593-1-108 Francesco Scolozzi photographs
F 4593-1-109 Frank Williams Architects photographs
F 4593-1-110 Project files - ‘F’ clients
F 4593-1-111 G. Ryan Design photographs
F 4593-1-112 Gary Fantin photographs
F 4593-1-113 G.E.M. project files
F 4593-1-114 Gentra photographs
F 4593-1-115 George A. Kelson project files
F 4593-1-116 Georgian Construction Company photographs
F 4593-1-117 Go Transit project files
F 4593-1-118 Gottardo Properties project files
F 4593-1-119 Govan Kaminker Azzalino photographs
F 4593-1-120 Great Gulf Homes project files
F 4593-1-121 Great Scott Advertising photographs
F 4593-1-122 Great West Life photographs
F 4593-1-123 Grey Lyon and King project files
F 4593-1-124 Project files - ‘G’ clients
F 4593-1-125 Hammerson Canada Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-126 Harbridge + Cross project files
F 4593-1-127 Hartman - Cox Architects photograph
F 4593-1-128 Henno Sillaste Architect Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-129 Hickey Canada photographs
F 4593-1-130 Hill & Knowlton photographs
F 4593-1-131 Holgan Restoration photographs
F 4593-1-132 Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK) project files
F 4593-1-133 The Hillier Group Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-134 Project files - ‘H’ clients
F 4593-1-135 IBI Group photographs
F 4593-1-136 ICD photographs
F 4593-1-137 Inducon Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-138 Inzola Construction project files
F 4593-1-139 Ivanhoe photographs
F 4593-1-140 Project files – ‘I’ clients
F 4593-1-141 Jackson Lewis project files
F 4593-1-142 Jaltas Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-143 Janin Building Construction Company photographs
F 4593-1-144 Jasper Construction photographs
F 4593-1-145 Jim Strasman Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-146 John J. Farrugia Architect project files
F 4593-1-147 Johnny Carrier photographs
F 4593-1-148 Jordan Group Construction photographs
F 4593-1-149 Joseph Bogdan Associates Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-150 Julian Jacobs Architects photographs
F 4593-1-151 JVC photographs
F 4593-1-152 Project files - ‘J’ clients
F 4593-1-153 Keith McEwen Associates project files
F 4593-1-154 Kenneth Caplan and Associates Limited photographs
F 4593-1-155 Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB) Architects photographs
F 4593-1-156 Project files - ‘K’ clients
F 4593-1-157 Ledcor Construction Limited project files
F 4593-1-158 Lehndorff Property Management project files
F 4593-1-159 Lenscape Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-160 Lensland project files
F 4593-1-161 Leslie Soden photographs
F 4593-1-162 L’Hotel photographs
F 4593-1-163 Lord & Burnham photographs
F 4593-1-164 Project files - ‘L’ clients
F 4593-1-165 Marathon Realty photographs
F 4593-1-166 Markborough Properties photographs
F 4593-1-167 Market Trends project files
F 4593-1-168 Marketing Directors photographs
F 4593-1-169 Markson Borooah Hodgson photographs
F 4593-1-170 Marshall Steel photographs
F 4593-1-171 Mastercraft photographs
F 4593-1-172 Mathers & Haldenby photographs
F 4593-1-173 Matsui, Baer, Vanstone project files
F 4593-1-174 Matthews Contracting Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-175 Mausoleum Construction photographs
F 4593-1-176 McGillivray Architects photographs
F 4593-1-177 McNally & Sutherland Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-178 McQuire Vogt Architects photographs
F 4593-1-179 Mendelow Ghatalia Architects photographs
F 4593-1-180 Menkes Developments Limited project files
F 4593-1-181 Metro Toronto Convention Centre project files
F 4593-1-182 Metro Toronto Public Library photographs
F 4593-1-183 Michael McCann photographs
F 4593-1-184 Michael Morrissey Studio photographs
F 4593-1-185 Michael Wong Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-186 Micky’s Studio photographs
F 4593-1-187 Millwood Developments photographs
F 4593-1-188 Milne & Nicholls Limited photographs
F 4593-1-189 Milus Bollenberghe Topps photographs
F 4593-1-190 Ministry of Tourism photographs
F 4593-1-191 Moffat Kinoshita Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-192 Moffat & Duncan Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-193 Mollenhauer Limited project files
F 4593-1-194 Monarch Construction Limited photographs
F 4593-1-195 Mondial Development photographs
F 4593-1-196 Morguard project files
F 4593-1-197 Moriyama & Teshima Architects project files
F 4593-1-198 Mount Batten Properties photographs
F 4593-1-199 MRD photographs
F 4593-1-200 Project files - ‘M’ clients
F 4593-1-201 Nelson Industrial Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-202 Ng Chee Architects photographs
F 4593-1-203 Normandie Company photographs
F 4593-1-204 NORR Partnership project files
F 4593-1-205 Novotel New York photographs
F 4593-1-206 Project files - ‘N’ clients
F 4593-1-207 Oleson Worland Architects photographs
F 4593-1-208 Olympia and York photographs
F 4593-1-209 Omers Realty Management Corporation project files
F 4593-1-210 Ontario Place Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-211 O.P. McCarthy & Associates photographs
F 4593-1-212 Orenstein & Partners Management photographs
F 4593-1-213 Oxford Properties Group project files
F 4593-1-214 Project files - ‘O’ clients
F 4593-1-215 Page & Steele Architects project files
F 4593-1-216 Parkin Partnership photographs
F 4593-1-217 Paul Reuber Architect project files
F 4593-1-218 PBK Marketing photographs
F 4593-1-219 PCL project files
F 4593-1-220 Pearl Court photograph
F 4593-1-221 Pellow + Associates Architects Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-222 Penta Group photographs
F 4593-1-223 Peter Graziano project files
F 4593-1-224 Peter Turner photographs
F 4593-1-225 Pigott Construction photographs
F 4593-1-226 Precast photographs
F 4593-1-227 Prelco photographs
F 4593-1-228 Progress photographs
F 4593-1-229 Promaction Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-230 PRSL photographs
F 4593-1-231 Prudential Canada photographs
F 4593-1-232 Public Works and Government Services Canada project files
F 4593-1-233 Pyrotronics photographs
F 4593-1-234 Project files - ‘P’ clients
F 4593-1-235 Quadrangle Architects Limited project files
F 4593-1-236 Project files - ‘Q’ clients
F 4593-1-237 Ralph Kuhn photographs
F 4593-1-238 Randrew Construction Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-239 RBA Advertising photographs
F 4593-1-240 R.C. Peterson photographs
F 4593-1-241 Alex Rebanks Architects Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-242 Revay and Associates photographs
F 4593-1-243 Richard & BA Ryan project files
F 4593-1-244 Richard Eastwick Architect photographs
F 4593-1-245 Robbie Architects project files
F 4593-1-246 Robbie Young + Wright photographs
F 4593-1-247 Robert Brown photographs
F 4593-1-248 Robinson Hall photographs
F 4593-1-249 Rod Robbie photographs
F 4593-1-250 Rolex Canada photographs
F 4593-1-251 Rosalie Wise Design photographs
F 4593-1-252 Roshorn Limited photographs
F 4593-1-253 Rounthwaite Dick and Hadley Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-254 Ryan Design photographs
F 4593-1-255 Project files - ‘R’ clients
F 4593-1-256 Sandalwood Plaza photographs
F 4593-1-257 Sankey Partnership Architects photographs
F 4593-1-258 Schindler Armour photographs
F 4593-1-259 Scor Canada Reinsurance Company photographs
F 4593-1-260 Sefri Construction International Limited photographs
F 4593-1-261 Self Employed photographs
F 4593-1-262 Seppi Marketing Communications Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-263 Setterington and Company photographs
F 4593-1-264 Shipp Corporation Limited photographs
F 4593-1-265 Sutter Hill Developments & Property Management photographs
F 4593-1-266 Simple Technology photographs
F 4593-1-267 Sims Moelich Associates Limited project files
F 4593-1-268 Solway Varvas Advertising project files
F 4593-1-269 SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP) photographs
F 4593-1-270 Sota Glazing Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-271 SPEC photographs
F 4593-1-272 Spencer Francey Group photographs
F 4593-1-273 Stadium Corporation of Ontario Limited photographs
F 4593-1-274 Stafford-Haensli Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-275 Steen Construction photographs
F 4593-1-276 Stephen Phillips photographs
F 4593-1-277 STIP (Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners) project files
F 4593-1-278 Stone and Kohn photographs
F 4593-1-279 Strand Development project files
F 4593-1-280 Strong Associates photographs
F 4593-1-281 Structform International Limited photographs
F 4593-1-282 Structural Floor Finishing Limited photographs
F 4593-1-283 Sun Life Financial photographs
F 4593-1-284 Sunnybrook Hospital project files
F 4593-1-285 Syndicated Development photographs
F 4593-1-286 Project files - ‘S’ clients
F 4593-1-287 Terra Media Design Limited photographs
F 4593-1-288 Terry Martel Real Estate photographs
F 4593-1-289 Thomas Sun photographs
F 4593-1-290 Thomas Talbot Consultants photographs
F 4593-1-291 Times Development photographs
F 4593-1-292 Toronto College Street Centre Limited photographs
F 4593-1-293 Toronto Construction Association Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-294 Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank photographs
F 4593-1-295 Toronto Harbour Commission project files
F 4593-1-296 Toronto Olympic Council photographs
F 4593-1-297 Town of Vaughan photographs
F 4593-1-298 Trafalgar Capital Management photographs
F 4593-1-299 Trillium photographs
F 4593-1-300 Trizec Properties Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-301 Truscan Realty project files
F 4593-1-302 Tudhope Associates Incorporated project files
F 4593-1-303 Tyler-Williams photographs
F 4593-1-304 Project files - ‘T’ clients
F 4593-1-305 Ultradome photographs
F 4593-1-306 Uma Spantec Limited photographs
F 4593-1-307 Union Station photographs
F 4593-1-308 University of Toronto project files
F 4593-1-309 Upper Canada Lands Development photographs
F 4593-1-310 Urbacon Properties Limited photographs
F 4593-1-311 Ursula Ferguson photographs
F 4593-1-312 Project files - ‘U’ clients
F 4593-1-313 Al Van Mil photographs
F 4593-1-314 Vanbots Construction project files
F 4593-1-315 Vanderbilt Equities Corporation photographs
F 4593-1-316 Vic Wilensky photographs
F 4593-1-317 V.K. Mason Construction Company project files
F 4593-1-318 Vogt Architects photographs
F 4593-1-319 Project files - ‘V’ clients
F 4593-1-320 Wallman Clewes Bergman Architects project files
F 4593-1-321 Walter Higgins and Associate photographs
F 4593-1-322 Warren Gee photographs
F 4593-1-323 West End Construction photographs
F 4593-1-324 Williams Contractors photographs
F 4593-1-325 William Hurst Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-326 Winizen Real Estate photographs
F 4593-1-327 Worldwide Realty photographs
F 4593-1-328 WZMH Architects project files
F 4593-1-329 Project files - ‘W’ clients
F 4593-1-330 Xenex Enterprises Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-331 York-Hannover Developments Limited photographs
F 4593-1-332 York-Trillium Development Group Limited photographs
F 4593-1-333 Young & Wright Architects Incorporated photographs
F 4593-1-334 Zeidler Partnership Architects project files
F 4593-1-335 Project files - ‘X-Y-Z’ clients
F 4593-1-336 AECON photographs
F 4593-1-337 Central Park Lodge Retirement Residences photographs
F 4593-1-338 Falls Management photographs
F 4593-1-339 Farley Group photographs
F 4593-1-340 Ross & Anglin photographs
F 4593-1-341 Spacelifts photographs
F 4593-1-342 Taylor Hazell Architects photographs
F 4593-1-345 Avison Young photographs
F 4593-1-346 Brutto Consulting photographs
F 4593-1-347 Butler Manufacturing photographs
F 4593-1-348 Elias Associates, Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-349 Ferncastle O'Keefe photographs
F 4593-1-351 Hariri Pontarini Architects photographs
F 4593-1-352 HDR, Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-353 Kallo Developments photographs
F 4593-1-354 Kohn Architects Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-355 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints photographs
F 4593-1-358 MMC International Architects Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-359 Moed de Armas and Shannon Architects photographs
F 4593-1-360 Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (PIRET) photographs
F 4593-1-361 PDC Properties photographs
F 4593-1-362 Pivotal Projects Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-363 Radeff Architect Ltd. photographs
F 4593-1-364 York Region Emergency Medical Services (EMS) photographs
F 4593-1-365 SGA-IBI Group Architects photographs
F 4593-1-366 Slate Properties photographs
F 4593-1-367 Smart Centres photographs
F 4593-1-368 Snyder & Associates, Inc. project files
F 4593-1-369 Tremar / Solmar photographs
F 4593-1-370 Turners Construction Company photographs
F 4593-1-372 VR Mechanical Solutions Inc. photographs
F 4593-1-373 Construction News photographs
F 4593-1-374 Daily Commercial News project files
F 4593-1-375 Brampton Brick / Garwin project files
F 4593-1-376 Canadian Architect Magazine photographs
F 4593-1-377 Thom Partnership photographs
F 4593-1-378 Toronto Public Library project files
F 4593-1-379 Wong Gregersen Architects photographs
F 4593-1-380 Live Entertainment Corporation of Canada Inc. (Livent) project files