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Atcherley, Charles Hedley

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Charles Hedley Atcherley (1889-1975) served overseas during the First World War and volunteered to train military recruits in Ontario during the Second World War. When he was not serving in the military, Atcherley worked as a police officer.

Charles Hedley Atcherley was born in Staffordshire, England in 1889. He immigrated to Red Deer, Alberta in 1908 and enlisted in the Royal North West Mounted Police where he remained until 1913, attaining the rank of Constable. That year he moved to Manitoba and began working for the Canadian Pacific Railway Police (CPR). In 1914, Hedley married Ethel Heather of Guelph, Ontario. At the onset of war in 1914, Hedley enlisted with the 1st regiment of the Fort Gary Horse regiment as a trooper and served until the end of the war when he was appointed to the Commissioned rank in the Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment. In 1917 Atcherley was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for successfully detonating radio wires and placing a torpedo behind the German lines.

In 1919, Atcherley began working as a police officer in Mimico, Ontario, a job he held until about 1922 when he and his wife moved to Niagara Falls, Ontario. During the 1920's and 30's Hedley served as Chief Constable for the Niagara frontier employed by the Niagara Parks Commission. During the Second World War Hedley volunteered to train recruits, serving on various bases in Ontario until 1943, when he retired due to medical reasons. After the war, he applied to the Pension Commission on the grounds of aggravation of an injury sustained during the First World War. Ethel Atcherley died in 1965 and Hedley died in June of 1975 while on a trip to England with his daughter, Jean.

Charles Hedley Atcherley's wife Ethel Heather (daughter of Sarah Morley and William Heather) was the first cousin of Rudolph Thompson's wife, Lila Howse (daughter of Rosetta (Ettie) Morely and Bertram Howse).

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F 4642 Atcherley-Thompson fonds; Civil Registration index of births or England and Wales.

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