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Eaton, John Craig, 1876-1922

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John Craig Eaton was a merchant and a well-known philanthropist in Toronto, Ontario, who was knighted in 1915 for his contributions to the war effort.

Sir John Craig Eaton was the youngest son of Eaton department store founder Timothy Eaton and his wife, Margaret Wilson Beattie Eaton.

Born in Toronto, John Craig married Flora McCrea in 1901. The couple had six children: Timothy Craig; John David; Edgar Allison; Gilbert McCrae; Florence Mary; and Evlyn. Upon the death of his father in 1907, John inherited the T. Eaton Company and became its president. John was largely responsible for opening the Eaton store in Winnipeg in 1905. He also opened buying offices in Great Britain, the United States, Europe and Asia.

He was made a Knight Bachelor in 1915 in recognition of his many contributions to the Allied war effort during World War I.

John Craig also worked continually for better working conditions for his employees, introducing shorter work hours, a miniumum wage, early closings, and Saturday half days.

The Eaton family home, a 50 room mansion called Ardwold located on Davenport Road in Toronto was built by John Craig between 1909 and 1911. In 1936, the property was sold, Ardwold was demolished and the Ardwold Gate subdivision was developed at that location.

John Craig died of pneumonia in 1922 and his cousin Robert Young Eaton became president until Sir John's son, John David Eaton, reached an appropriate age to take over the company.

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Eaton, Jack

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The Eatons : The Rise and Fall of Canada's Royal Family by Rod McQueen

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