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Ontario Good Roads Association

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The Ontario Good Roads Association was established in 1894 to promote the development of quality road construction in the province as a means to enhance municipal and economic growth.

The Ontario Good Roads Association was formed in 1894 as an association of municipalities which were concerned that the provincial government was paying too little attention to the the development of a quality system of roads in the province. The organization was instrumental in the appointment of the first Provincial Instructor in Road Making in 1896, Archie W. Campbell. This was followed in 1901 with the successful lobbying for the passage of the Highway Improvement Act in 1901.

Since the Second World War the Association has been primarily concerned with the ongoing maintenance and expansion of inter-city roads and highways. It has done this through the the development of education programs for the managers of municipal road programs, the holding of annual conferences for the discussion of matters of common concern and the provision of information on new technology.

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Ontario Good Roads Association website and Ministry of Transportation Website.

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