Ontario Government Agency History (CA1350)

Ontario Provincial Police. Criminal Investigation Branch

History and Function

Criminal Investigation Branch
Dates of Existence
The Criminal Investigation Branch assisted the Ontario Provincial Police, all police forces in Ontario, and other Ontario government agencies with the investigation of homicides and major crimes.
Administrative History

The Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) was created in 1922 when the Criminal Investigation Department was divided into the Criminal Investigation Branch and the Ontario Temperance Act Branch.

Between September 1939 and 1943, the Special Branch was established as part of the Criminal Investigation Branch to combat sabotage and subversive activities. In 1942, a new Anti-Gambling Squad was created within the branch.

In the 1950s criminal identification branches, operating under the jurisdiction of the CIB, were established at district headquarters. They proved of great value in providing criminal investigation services to area municipalities.

In 1963 the entire OPP underwent a re-organization, and CIB became part of the Special Services Division. In the mid-1960s, CIB inspectors continued to attend specialized training courses including those provided by the RCMP in Ottawa, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in Washington, D.C.

By 1970, CIB had increased to 19 members. Another re-organization in 1983 resulted in the CIB coming under the new Investigation Division along with the Anti-Rackets Branch and the the Special Investigations Branch.

In 1995 the Criminal Investigations Branch underwent a change of name to become the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Source Note

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Predecessor Agenices

Ontario Provincial Police. Criminal Investigation Dept.

Controlling Agencies

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Archival Record Series Created by this Agency

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RG 23-26

Ontario Provincial Police criminal investigation records and reports

RG 23-29

Ontario Provincial Police major criminal investigation solved case files

RG 23-36

Criminal Investigation Branch - Inspector George Mackay's records

RG 23-50

Ontario Provincial Police criminal investigation reports and files

RG 23-50-1

Card index to Ontario Provincial Police criminal investigation reports and files

RG 23-50-2

Ontario Provincial Police criminal investigation reports and files