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War Memorial Committee of Ontario

History and Function

War Memorial Committee of Ontario
Dates of Existence
The War Memorial Committee of Ontario was established following a resolution of the Legislative Assembly calling for a suitable mark of appreciation for those who had been killed during the First World War.
Administrative History

Select Committees are ad-hoc committees of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with specific terms of reference to investigate and report on a specific issue. This committee was initially established on April 22, 1920 with Henry Sloane Cooper as Chair, and was re-appointed on April 28, 1921 and March 30, 1922. They issued their final report on February 15, 1923. The committee recommended the construction of a cenotaph on University Avenue in Toronto, but recommended that it be postponed until the creation of a new archives building at the same time.

Agency Also Known As

Ontario. Committee on a Memorial of the Recent War

Ontario. War Memorial Committee

Ontario. Legislative Assembly. War Memorial Committee of Ontario

Source Note

Sage, Richard; Weir, Aileen. Select Committees of the Assemblies of the Provinces of Upper Canada, Canada and Ontario, 1792-1991: A Checklist of Reports. Toronto: Ontario Legislative Library, 1992.

Controlling Agencies

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