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Ontario Hydro

History and Function

Ontario Hydro
Dates of Existence
Ontario Hydro generated, supplied and delivered electricity throughout Ontario. In addition, Ontario Hydro produced and sold steam and hot water as primary products; worked with and regulated municipal utilities; provided energy conservation programs; and, through co-operation with the Canadian Standards Association, inspected and approved electrical equipment and wiring.
Administrative History

Ontario Hydro was created by statute in 1906. Originally named the Hydro- Electric Power Commission of Ontario, it was officially renamed Ontario Hydro in 1974. With the change in name, the form of administration of the Corporation was also changed from that of a six-man commission to a Board of Directors. The Board was composed of a Chairman, Vice- Chairman, a President and a varying number of directors, all of whom (with the exception of the President) were appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The President was a full-time employee of the Corporation who was appointed by the Board.

Ontario Hydro reported to the following during its existence; the Lieutenant Governor (1906-1964), the Department of Energy and Resources Management (1964-1971), the Department of the Environment (1971-1972), the Ministry of the Environment (1972-1973), the Ministry of Energy (1973-1993), the Ministry of Environment and Energy (1993- 1997), and to the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology (1997-1999).

In 1999, with the passing of the Energy Competition Act, Ontario Hydro was re-organized into five companies; Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the Ontario Hydro Services Company (Hydro One), the Independent Electricity Market Operator, the Electrical Safety Authority, and the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation.

Authorizing Agent

An Act to Provide for the Transmission of Electrical Power to Municipalities, Statutes of Ontario 1906, Chap. 15

Power Commission Act, Statutes of Ontario 1907, Chap. 19

Agency Also Known As

Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario

Source Note

Ontario Hydro (Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario) Annual Reports, 1906-1995

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RG 35-1

The Hon. Dougall Carmichael general correspondence files

RG 35-2

The Hon. J.R. Cooke general correspondence files

RG 35-3

Ontario Hydro miscellaneous memoranda and reports files

RG 35-4

Ontario Hydro press clippings files

RG 35-6

St. Lawrence Waterway hydro development reports

RG 35-8

Ontario Hydro auditorís reports

RG 35-9

Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario building plans

RG 35-10

Subject files of Tom Campbell, Chairman of Ontario Hydro

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RG 45-4

Ontario Hydro Southwestern Ontario transmission study files