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Guelph Correctional Centre (Ont.)

History and Function

Guelph Correctional Centre
Dates of Existence
The Guelph Correctional Centre is a medium and/or maximum security institution housing inmates according to age, offence-pattern, location of home, and length of sentence. The Correctional Centres of the Province of Ontario emphasize the provision trades training programs, academic education and industrial employment.
Administrative History

The Guelph Correctional Centre was opened in April 1910 as the Guelph Prison Farm, and was designed to eventually replace the Central Prison in Toronto, Ontario. The first inmates of the Central Prison were transferred to the farm on April 11, 1910. By 1915, the last of the inmates were transferred to the farm, which by then was known as the Ontario Reformatory, Guelph.

Between July 1917 and January 1921 the Reformatory was closed and its facilities taken over by the Military Hospitals Commission, which required the reformatory buildings and grounds for hospital accommodations and vocational training for returned soldiers. With this change, most of the prisoners in the Reformatory were transferred to the Industrial Farm at Burwash, Ontario. Eighty prisoners from this institution were then transferred back to the Reformatory in 1921, when it was reopened.

The Ontario Reformatory was renamed the Guelph Correctional Centre in 1971.

Government responsibility over the Reformatory, and later the Correctional Centre, rested with the Ontario Inspector of Prisons and Public Charities (1910-1934), the Reformatories and Prisons Branch of the Department of the Provincial Secretary (1934-1946), the Department of Reform Institutions (1946-1968), the Department of Correctional Services (1968-1972), the Ministry of Correctional Services (1972-1993), the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services (1993-1999) and the Ministry of Correctional Services (1999-).

Agency Also Known As

Ontario Reformatory, Guelph

Guelph Prison Farm (Ont.)

Source Note

Annual Reports of the Inspector of Prisons and Public Charities

Directory and Guide to Services of the Ontario Government, 1950

Ontario Government Telephone Directories

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RG 20-40

Administrative records of the Guelph Correctional Centre

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Administrative records of the Central Prison, Toronto